Don’t Fancy Your Motto Much






Street stencil king ADW writes:

I thought i’d share a little video production I recently completed, inspired by the Dublin coat of arms and it’s Latin motto which translates to ‘happy is the city where its citizens obey



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21 thoughts on “Don’t Fancy Your Motto Much

  1. scottser

    obedient citizens make a happy city. hence the title of dublin’s own happy city samba band based on mountjoy square.

  2. Dubh Linn

    If you look at it from a civil point of view, yes it does feel a bit fascist but if you look at it from a legal point of view where there is a contract between the citizen to obey the law and the city to make and uphold fair laws, then it makes sense.

    (It’s the no pissing in the street v.s the no murdering scale)

  3. Just sayin'

    I prefer Limerick City’s motto
    Urbs Antiqua Fuit Studiisque Asperrima Belli – a city well-studied in the art of war!

  4. Ted


    “…ITS citizens obey.” without the apostrophe! Can’t believe the producer (and Broadsheet) didn’t catch that during editing.

    Back to the production room to fix that throughout the film!

  5. Custo

    A more literal translation would be “The Citizen’s Obedience is the Cities Happiness”

    Which sounds a bit nicer and less draconian.

  6. Kieran NYC

    I see it as more of a balance thing. Unhappy citizens wouldn’t obey, so the city/government has to keep them happy.

  7. scottser

    fitting then, that stuck in the middle of the city’s main thoroughfare is a dirty big hypodermic needle.

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