14 thoughts on “Never Hurry A Murray

  1. Common Projects

    Seems like a nice enough fella. But managed to be become an increasingly terrible broadcaster over the years. A lack of any real skill in handling guests. Poor regular items, flogged to death. Glad they stopped it. Brendan O’Connor to look forward to now, hooray!

    1. Joan Burton

      A bit sarky on poor Brendan O’Connor there, hes repatedly said he was no where near the house when she died from the dodgy coke.

      poor form

  2. ivan

    He seems like a likeable enough bloke but I had to stop listening to him when it seemed that every ruddy interview he did with somebody had to hinge around money. That was the only thing he was comfortable talking about…

    Anyway, best of luck to him. He’s hit a few speed bumps and thankfully come out the other side; maybe it’s time for him to do another business style show, but more accessible?

  3. Joxer

    Thomas and Tosh from Pugwash in the background there….. they have a new lp about to drop and the bits i’ve heard of it sound pretty damm great

  4. Columbo's Missus

    I really enjoyed him on Morning Ireland over the years as well as the Business show at the weekends but that show was awful fluff. I hope that whatever he does next will return will suit him better.

  5. Mr. T.

    So who will host the new show all about promoting the friends and children of RTE staff and presenters?

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