18 thoughts on “Like A Boss

  1. Dongle

    Last time I heard someone call a helmet a lid it was 2001 and the driver talked like his 50cc luminous gilera runner.

    1. Tony

      The correct term is ‘head gazebo’ or ‘Helm of Xanthron’. Only hipsters or infants call them ‘helmets’

  2. Samegoes

    Says safety conscious driver while using mobile phone to take a photo behind the wheel on approach to curve in the road and traffic lights.

  3. Chris

    So what. Remember when people just used to mind their own business. I miss that. Mind your own business.

    1. rotide

      Pints? You mean Glasses of beer?

      Come on now, don’t go using the vernacular unless completely necessary Kieran.

  4. carlosfandango

    He was wearing no helmet, carrying a bike. I just thought it was weird. Yes, its a W124. Pints will always be pints.

  5. B Bop

    Donnybrook being quite Mediterranean-like…no health & safety in carefree summer.
    Came across old dude in Dun Laoghaire- out for a spot of gardening- had his big chainsaw resting on the path outside, trying to start it up-on a sharp corner…other old dude coming round corner…could have lost his feet!
    Summertime chuckles instead of bloodbath.

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