Growing Up In Gaza



Life in Gaza.

Captured by children living in Gaza whose photographs form part of ‘Sumud // Steadfastness’, a three-part exhibition at Filmbase, Cruved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin starting tomorrow until July 9 as part of PalFest Ireland.

William Hederman writes:

The children, aged six to 11, were given cameras and tutored by Belgian photographer Asmaa Seba in 2012/13. “Photography has always been a tool to express feelings whether anger, happiness or hopes and dreams,” says Seba. “Most of the children I worked with have lost their parents or a family member and have witnessed it, so they have trouble speaking and expressing themselves.”

1. Rami Abu Jalila: “I try to learn French, it’s a beautiful language, I love to watch the Eiffel Tower, I know about its story, I dream to visit it some day when I will grow up.

2. Wallah Abu Musa: “I miss my parents, I go every Friday to visit their grave with my brother Mahmoud and I tell them how my week was, I even told mum about you and how you make us laugh when you try to speak Arabic, I wish they were alive so that they will meet you.

3. Wallah Abu Musa: “I used to sleep with my mum, after she was killed, I started to sleep with Sumsum, my crazy cat.

4. Nada Awad: “My father must travel with my uncle to Egypt because he is sick and he needs a treatment there but they always have to wait at the Rafah border  because it’s often closed.”

5. Wallah Abu Musa: “I like to go to the beach with my family and play, I want to learn how to swim like a fish.”

Sumud//Stedfastness’ (Facebook)

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7 thoughts on “Growing Up In Gaza

  1. Mikeyfex

    On the Way to School on Netlix is similar to this. It’s very good. We have it handy enough here.

  2. Drogg

    This is heartbreaking. I can’t imagine what a child must go through stuck in the middle of that horrific conflict.

  3. bisted

    …this time last year the zionists had murdered over 550 of these innocents in a few weeks…and the world saw them do it.

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