23 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

    1. McKay

      I can see how it influenced the Esprit etc but the Golf?!? VW designers must have on some drugs in those days..

      1. martco

        go find pics of a MK1 Golf (1974-1983) looking at front and rear head-on (delete bumpers to make it easier to see) & compare….influence is there alrite

  1. SpecificGravity

    Mother of God, that is beautiful. Seats like something by HR Giger.
    Love the instruments clustered in the wheel. Anyone else reminded of the Panthermobile?

  2. Fluter bad

    This is the kind of car a man with a mustache imagines himself driving. In his jocks.

  3. Drogg

    That steering wheel and those leather seats are beautiful. I wonder does it have a humidor for the manly cigars the driver must consume.

  4. Clampers Outside!

    Angular, and ugly.

    Sorry to all the lovers of it. But that’s my tuppence. Great for its day, but its damned ugly, and that Maserati symbol on the bonnet makes it look like a pimp mobile.

  5. Joe835

    The great thing about a lot of Giugiaro designs is that they were very often running models i.e. they were properly-engineered and you could drive them. Many were made road-legal, including their insane Columbus concept from the early 90’s (it put the “Bus” in “Columbus”). Most concept cars then and now don’t have mechanicals or are much more than fibreglass sculptures on wheels.

    Giugiaro himself was hugely influential on car design, probably more than any other European. Take a look at your own car’s doors next time you get in; if the tops of the doors seem to curl around the roofline, that tiny detail is his influence.

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