Is He Yours?




Cats’ Aid writes:

This friendly neutered male cat was brought to the vets after a near miss with a truck. He was lucky and sustained no injuries ! He was found outside Haywood estate on the Naas road, Blessington, Co. Wicklow. After two weeks at the vets his owners still haven’t come forward which is surprising as he is very playful and lovable – he rolls over to have his belly scratched….if he’s yours call 045-857875

Stop that.

Cats’ Aid Dublin (Facebook)

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10 thoughts on “Is He Yours?

  1. Sinabhfuil


  2. JunkFace

    Very cute little guy, pity he isn’t microchipped. Maybe the owners went on holidays?

  3. H

    Cats do not want their belly to be scratched when they roll over, you’d think Cats’ Aid would know that….

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