The Contents Of Grandad’s Shed


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UK based artist Lee Joh Phillips has embarked on a project to draw and document every single item in his late grandfather’s (eclectically stocked) toolshed.


He estimates the project will take five years and involve more that 100,000 drawings.


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14 thoughts on “The Contents Of Grandad’s Shed

      1. MrGavoB

        If it was my Grandad’s shed. He’d be drawing lots of Nazi memorabilia and of course porno mags.

  1. Peter81

    Someone please take him out of his enforced artist suffering and dump all the junk overnight while he’s crying himself to sleep.

  2. KirkenBrenner

    I suppose photographing it wouldn’t get him the same amount of internet attention.

    1. dereviled

      I think it’s well executed, I like the composition and the satisfying completeness.
      He may return some nice studies as it progresses.

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