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UK based artist Lee Joh Phillips has embarked on a project to draw and document every single item in his late grandfather’s (eclectically stocked) toolshed.


He estimates the project will take five years and involve more that 100,000 drawings.


Sword Fighting Class(2)


Nice parry.

Tadhg Murphy writes;

I’ve been teaching life drawing classes in Dublin or a while now. The classes are popular and the students really like them, but I’m struggling to get the word out to a wider circle. I noticed you put a piece up about the drawing sessions at the Back Loft, so I was wondering if there was any chance…Next week is ‘sword fighting poses’..


To draw naked guys with swords click here


As a nifty promo for the Strava GPS app, cyclist David Taylor from Salisbury followed a very specific 12 hour, 341km route through the New Forest, mapping his progress on the app’s website as he went.




Italian illustrator and graphic designer Marcello Barenghi uploads a timelapse of one of his photorealistic drawing sessions nearly every week.

They’re very impressive and fairly mesmeric.

See all 150 (to date) here.


Ethan_Murrow Ethan_Murrow_05 Ethan_Murrow2 Ethan_Murrow3 Ethan_Murrow4 Ethan_Murrow5 Ethan_Murrow8 Ethan_Murrow9 Ethan_Murrow10
Exquisitely rendered graphite drawings by Ethan Murrow inspired by historical archive, infused with fantasy and open to whatever interpretation you’re having yourself.