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  1. rotide

    Obviously owned by racists intent on murdering any and all african americans they can get their hands on in east Kildare.

    Nothing to do with accuracy to the original.

    It’s funny how not content with our problems and worries, we are hell bent on adopting american ones as well.

    1. Mikeyfex

      Tis mad stuff.

      I love seeing Frilly getting wound up though.

      I also love the Dodge Charger

    2. Medium Sized C

      Racism is racism.
      I mean a red flag with a swastika would have been a problem and its not our problem.

      The problem I have with all this is it took a handful of black people in the US being killed for this to be an issue over here. The confederate flag has been a symbol of slavery and opposition to civil rights for years, but its only now we have a problem with the General Lee or Cork Hurlers wearing it on their helmets.

      1. rotide

        If the exhibit was a WWII german tank from Saving Private Ryan it would have a swastika on it and there would be zero outrage.

        The confederate flag has been a symbol of slavery in the US for years, here it hasn’t been up untill a few weeks ago because people simply didn’t know. The US history is not our history. People waving a confederate flag at a GAA game had no real understanding of the flag. Calling them racists is ridiculous in the extreme.

        It’s like having a go at eastern religions for using the swastika.

        1. Stewart Curry

          Why do people wave the Confederate flag at GAA games?
          And do you think Irish people in blackface is racist?

          1. rotide

            Why they do it , i have no idea. I think because the cork lads will wave any flag that has a bit of red on it (Stars and Stripes and the Japanese flag are not uncommon sights). I’m pretty sure its not because they are asserting their right to buy and sell africans though.

            We go through this every halloween and to re-iterate i think blackface in ireland is as racist as wearing a sheikh outfit. Insensitive? possibly. Outright racist? no.

          2. rotide

            I’m sure hoop will correct me but it probably has some sort of connection to the ‘south’ rising again or some craic like that.

  2. munkifisht

    Eh, that’s the General Lee. It has a massive confederate flag on the top, it’s named after a confederate general Robert E Lee and the horn plays a confederate song, if I was one to get offended at stuff like this that’s prob where I’d start.

    1. Owen

      +1 It’s a replica of The General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard. Meant to have the flag on the roof. It probably does, just covered it with the American Flag.

  3. Cloud

    Boycott Newbridge! Clearly a hate-filled, racist organisation!

    Public apology before lunch or there will be (civil) war!

    1. Parky Mark

      Sure remember the time they had an exhibition based purely on the clothes that paedos wear to attract children!

      i.e. Michael Jackson

  4. Caroline

    Prevailing opinion on the symbolism of the confederate flag, which formerly diverged, has recently undergone a rapid change. In a massive non-shock, some people are now taking that into account. In a further unsurprise, others are outraged by same.

  5. Andrew

    They’ve clearly gone to great effort to change the rooftop confederate flag with the stars and stripes, making a clear statement about leaving old Dixie in the history books, and completely forgotten about the number plates. Those racists.

  6. Clampers Outside!

    All you need to know about the fleg…. some really good stuff in this if you have 9 mins

    By the way, the flag on the General Lee is NOT a confederate flag, it’s an adaptation of one of a number of legit confederate flags that were used, and not adopted until around the time of the start of the outlawing of the KKK and the start up of the NRA…… a flag that old KKK heads, now NRA heads could fly without problem…. imagine that ! :)


    1. Chilis1

      While the flag undeniably has racist origins, the intent of most people who fly it today is just to express pride in where they come from. If the intent is innocent i don’t see the big deal, but I get why someone would be offended too. Not sure how I feel about the whole thing

      1. scundered

        it’s a car from a kids TV show, not a political statement.

        If it were up a flagpole in Belfast however that would be a different matter altogether.

      2. Don Pidgeoni

        “While the flag undeniably has racist origins, the intent of most people who fly it today is just to express pride in where they come from”

        Lol no.

  7. Spaghetti Hoop

    The battle flag of the old Rebel states was not always associated with racism, just as the US Civil War was not just about slavery. It represented the army and navy of the Southern States and so has historical significance. It has only recently become a symbol loaded with all sorts of negative connotations. In a racially divided USA, flags and symbols are now used to represent those ideologies as society attaches its own meanings upon them; in this case, so-called ‘white supremacy’. It’s a shame.

    The ‘outrage’ over a numberplate above is just petty.

    1. Talismania!

      Sure it was about states rights, not slavery. Never mind that the whole reason they were worried about states rights was because they knew with Lincoln elected, there was a good chance that a national decision on slavery would be taken . . .

        1. Talismania!

          There’s been a lot of good articles lately across the internet about how the South lost the war, but managed to change how the war was perceived in the years thereafter. For example, the declarations of independence used by the southern states almost all referenced slavery explicitly. I would expect that The Civil War Trust is almost entirely Southern, as people in the North just don’t spend the amount of time, effort and money trying to whitewash and romanticise the war that those in the south do. As such, they are NOT going to put the word slavery on their web site, because that’s contentious.


        2. Talismania!

          To note I was being sarcastic above, about Spaghetti Hoop’s insinuation that the war wasn’t about slavery.

          I’ll correct myself now and say that the Civil War Trust has put the same declarations up that the Atlantic article references, clearly calling out slavery as the cause of the war, certainly in the minds of the participants, if not Spaghetti Hoop’s mind.

          I suspect all these replica General Lee owners are desperately hoping this all blows over before they have to pay for a paint job.

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            Wrong. I didn’t insinuate that at all; I said that the US Civil War was not just about slavery. You have to look at the wider picture of the economic activities of Southern land-owners and businessmen pre 1861 – of which slavery was a large component and wealth-generator.

          2. Talismania!

            Glossed over the critical word “just”. I retract everything, and will attempt to be more Civil.

    2. rotide

      Let’s be real here, the American civil war to a very large part down to slavery. Whatever about the faux outrage about flags in a sports stadium 5 thousand miles away, that’s what the war was about.

    3. Stewart Curry

      It’s a shame they’ve taken a flag that was used by an army fighting to hang onto slavery, and used it to represent racism.

  8. Stewart Curry

    Owning a car like this must be like being a Gary Glitter impersonator in the late 90’s

    1. Caroline

      Yes… you probably had a sneaking suspicion this day was going to come, but you’re still temporarily in denial.

        1. Mani

          Cliff Huxtable: ‘Ya see Theo, the wimmin…they don’t always want ta pull your old puddin pop, so ya got ta put some a that zimm zamm a-roney in their Zinfandel. Next thing you know its good night nurse and hello kitty, if ya catch ma drift?’

          Theo: ‘Dad, how does this help me pass my English test’

          Cliff: ‘Oh go bother your mother, you pussy’

          Audience: Whoooo!

          Theo: ‘I love you Daddy’

          Audience: Aaaaah

  9. pissedasanewt

    Apparently there is some lad in RTE right now going through all episodes of the Dukes of Hazard and dubbing over any reference to the ‘General Lee’ with ‘Red dodge charger’..

  10. scundered

    that’s truly ridiculous, whatever the paint job on the roof the Dukes of Hazzard car was to every kid just a loud fast car that amazingly never broke down. Of course there will still be many people going totally out of their way to find offence with it, they should probably learn about context.

  11. phil

    leave the confederate flag on the top. its the general lee from a tv show in the 80s which didn’t have the star bangled banner on the roof. this is pc gone mad, it has nothing to do with Ireland so leave the dang flag on the roof.

  12. phil

    Racism apologists? Suppose you take the global population of people of African decent and then suppose you realise that the fraction of folks from African origin in America is a blip on the screen. ..well you’ve got a whole 3 percent globally who may or may not be offended. Those dang confederate slave descendants hanging around Newbridge. ..get a grip!

    1. Kieran NYC

      So your argument seems to be that they’re too much of a minority for you to show them any respect.

      Pretty sure that’s the definition of racism right there.

      1. Gav D

        I actually took the argument to be that its OK to fly a Nazi flag (for example) as long as no Jewish people or germans see it? Is that about right?

        Also, apparently there are no “slave descendants” in Newbridge.

  13. endakennywennywenny

    Oh get a grip, how petty is this story?
    Porsche and Volkswagen designed cars for Hitler, most notably the VW Beetle and Skoda built Panza tanks!
    I suppose the millions of owners of these car brands must be bleeding racists too! God (which ever one you worship) forgive anyone owning a bit of historic memorabilia these days, I suppose we should just burn everything with a bit of history just incase some easily offended tw*t perceives you as a racist!
    Anyways I’m off on my politically correct walk to the shops now, minus my Adidas runners (WW2 Bazooka producer) and my Hugo Boss made Nazi uniform.

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