126 thoughts on “‘I Didn’t Expect This Reaction’

  1. Don Pidgeoni

    Poor woman. Very brave decision but it sounds like it is taking its toll. I hope her and her kids are getting all the support they need.

    1. Owen

      They are actually disgusting. I’m amazed people can get away with some of the comments.

      1. Joe the Lion

        I wouldn’t say disgusting –

        but another way of looking at it is the people who post there don’t have to face the consequences of what they are saying and as such their misogyny and racism is a true reflection of the sort of stuff many of us suffer – the rest of us don’t care to think about as much as it doesn’t affect us very often.

        that’s why I take my hat off to the recent advocates for marriage equality, they found common cause with all the rest of us through a brilliant world-leading campaign, showing that ordinary people can in fact change things for the better even when in a numerical minority

        1. ReproBertie

          “the people who post there don’t have to face the consequences of what they are saying”

          There is a line in one of Robert Howard’s Conan books about how civilised people are less polite than barbarians because they don’t have to worry about their bad manners resulting in an axe in the head.

      2. jeremy kyle

        There’s something up with that comment section it’s WAY worse than normal, even for YouTube. She should just deactivate the comments because sometimes you can’t help but look. Some really pathetic excuses for humans.

        1. jeremy kyle

          I just realised it’s BS’s YouTube account. Very interesting it managed to attract so many trolls.

    2. Conor

      Don’t usually care much about youtube comments, but wow, teenage boys seriously need to get out more often.

  2. Owen

    So BS are we allowed talk about this again or are you going to delete it after another 75 comments?

        1. fluffybiscuits

          Could a case come sub judice these comments would be taken into account and he may not get a fair trial, thats why it was taken down. This would be an injustice to Emma if such an issue went to trial and someone got off on a technicality. Think it though Owen good lad

          1. rotide

            One would imagine that a video proclaiming his guilt that was seen by 3 million people might be SLIGHTLY more prejudicial than some comments seen by a few hundred.

          2. Owen

            hahah. Fluff, they can’t teach stupid, but if they did you’re be head of the class!!

    1. rory

      I’m glad they deleted it. Most of the comments were supportive, but there were some people who thought it a great idea to think of negative characterisations of her and suggest them on a thread she might actually read.

  3. Franno

    Not one reference to informing the authorities in the entire article which is worrying. It’s a sad commentary on modern society when posting a Youtube video is considered to be a better response to domestic abuse than contacting the police. Not a criticism of the woman herself, but merely a general observation and perhaps AGS need to review how they address such issues if they aren’t fit for purpose.

    1. Jimmy Ireland

      AGS are relatively powerless unless a complaint is made and statement of evidence given by an injured party. AGS have a pro-arrest policy for any DVSA complaints but can’t exercise that policy without a corresponding complaint or the existence of a barring/protection order in place.

      Distressed abuse victims often step back when it comes to ‘daddy’ being led away in cuffs in front of the kids. Or what often happens is that the next morning when the time comes to make a statement or apply for a safety order, the victim backs down because ‘he promises it won’t happen again’ or fears his response if she goes through with it.

      It’s an extremely complex and difficult situation for all involved and new legislation to allow AGS to protect hostile-witnesses has been overdue for decades.

      1. Raskolnikov

        What she has done is far more public than daddy being led away in cuffs. Whilst I admire her bravery, I think hindsight might show that quietly reporting this to the fuzz may have been the better option for all concerned (except him of course).

        1. ethereal_myst

          what she did may be far more public, but the point being made was that it was less of an impact (for now) on the children as they won’t see their dad being led off by the police

          Also the point of the video wasn’t just necessarily to out him but to help other women in the same situation

    2. Nice Anne (Dammit)

      She went to the police the Friday before she posted the video. They did nothing.

  4. Nilbert

    It seems there is absolutely no doubt about this man’s guilt?
    That’s great, we can get of the entire judicial system now.

    (obviously I have complete sympathy for any victim of any sort of abuse, but social media is not the place for it)

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      He has admitted pushing her at the very least. Though I doubt he would stand up and admit to punching her anyway.

      1. classter

        The point stands.

        All this public judging of private activity – both of him and her – makes me very uncomfortable.

        1. Don Pidgeoni

          The point is that yes, he was violent towards her. He says as much. So less of the poor him would be good.

          And involving the police, really, that is none of our business. Domestic violence is hugely complex as has been pointed out. She is very brave for making this video and we can support her in that. What she decides to do next or doesn’t, is her choice and hers alone. We do not know her life or situation.

    2. Odis

      WTF do you think people do on “social media” Nilbert? Or should do, for that matter?
      Can you direct me to the nearest conversation of the Unified Field Theory BTW ?

    3. Anomanomanom

      Really? Any link to this man admitting he punched and also caused harm to her in other incidents.

        1. Anomanomanom

          No it was not. He said he pushed and she fell and hit her eye. This was after a incident between the two. And from what i know they were both aggressive towards each other. If it’s straightforward domestic abuse I’d gladly hammer him, but it doesn’t seem to be that straightforward.

          1. Don Pidgeoni

            I didn’t read your comment properly – he admitting to pushing her which was my point. And he is hardly going to admitting to thumping her one is he?

            ” And from what i know they were both aggressive towards each other.” And how do you know that? Were you there?

            “straightforward domestic abuse” … what…

          2. bs

            he’s massive. she’s tiny. i’d say he was scared for his life and acted in self-defence though.

    4. gallantman

      This whole trial by social media is so open to misuse. Extremely dangerous precedent. There is a functioning criminal system in this country that would have dealt with her complaint. Now its open season for defamatory allegations of the most serious kind.

    5. Nice Anne (Dammit)

      You are right. All victims of abuse should stay quietly indoors with the curtains shut and pray. Shure won’t God in all his mercy and holiness look after them, bless them and save them.

      Keeping quiet never did the children abused by priests any harm…
      Keeping quiet over Graham Dwyer never did Elaine O’Hara any harm…
      Keeping quiet over Tanya Doyle never did Paul Byrne any harm…

      If someone is a danger to you and other women, shout from the rooftops about it if you can. You have done anyone who may have become a future victim of this scumbag a favour.

      Suffering in silence never got us ANYWHERE in this country.

      1. Chode

        Em. Fair enough. But we have a system of justice in this country. Far from staying silent, she should have gone through the proper channels. All this has done is trial her partner by social media and it sets an incredibly dangerous precedent.

        1. dereviled

          Incredibly dangerous you say?
          Not as dangerous as staying silent.
          If publicity becomes the norm for dangerous and abusive behaviour then people might seek help and support at an early stage.

        2. Casey

          it sets an incredibly dangerous precedent.

          Precedent?, proof?, studies? to support your assertion…

      1. Drogg

        Lets be honest though comments on any Video on YouTube are insane, racist, sexist and basically anti human.

          1. Odis

            Oh really. I think it’s probably guilt you are feeling Joe. And rightly so. The high intellectual plains, I walk, aren’t for the likes of tedious riff-raff such as yourself.

          2. Joe the Lion

            You’re an arrogant, largely uninformed blowhard Odis and the fact is no one has any respect for your prick taking in the ‘real’ world either.

      2. rotide

        It’s youtube.

        What exactly WERE you expecting?

        The comments there have always been the bottom of the thought chain.

          1. rotide

            There’s a lot worse.

            I always find it suspicious when people say ‘oh you’d want to see the youtube comments’. It means that person actually actively READ the youtube comments and for the life of me I cannot understand why anyone would ever want to do that for any reason.

          2. rotide

            The quality of comments on broadsheet are generally of a certain standard that one would hope to get from the bottom half of the internet.

            The comments on youtube are sub human rock apes bashing the keyboard with their thick boned foreheads. It is and always has been such. If you spend any amount of time reading or even worse, engaging with the comments on youtube, you deserve everything you are going to get.

            Big difference.

          3. classter

            ‘it’s her own fault for marrying a black guy’ is far from the worst thing being said there.

            That same sentiment is being expressed more offensively still – ‘mudsharks’.

          4. Odis

            You’re a fan of the Broadsheet hug box then Rotide? It represents your world view?
            Sure why look anywhere else?
            A good reason is provided by Fluffy – curiosity.

          5. rotide

            My point is that the comments on broadsheet, while not being academic level dissertations are a pretty big step above the dross on youtube.

            Curiosity is a good point. It’s not like I’ve never read the comments there, of course i have. I read 2 or 3 of the ones on this video yesterday before giving up as well. It wasn’t shocking or surprising in the least. Par for the course on youtube.

          6. Odis

            @ rotide – I have to admit to taking a random sample myself, and then leaving when I’ve got the gist.
            But I’m curious, these high brow sites you claim to be a fan of. where are they?

  5. ollie

    Well said Jimmy Ireland.
    Interesting that this so called “man” is ok with pushing his girlfried to the ground and that his mother is ok with him being violent.
    Also interesting is the fact that his business address is St Davids Secondary School Beaumont and that accoridng to CRO he’s never submitted any company returns since his business was established.

    1. Bob

      Sounds like the drivel of a misogynist desperate for any excuse to put down women, to be honest. Definitely nothing “expert” about it.

      1. rotide

        Can we get Air Traffic Control to look after the joke that’s now leaving Bob’s airspace?

    2. j0ker

      Wow……….what the hell was that video? It wasn’t even funny to watch.

      Is this guy for real? I mean, I’m not siding with her on this but his commentary is just ridiculous and woman hating.

    3. classter


      His first point of criticism is that she isn’t wearing make-up in her DOMESTIC ABUSE video!

    1. O'Brendan

      @ scundered
      It’s revenge, tell the world about this man and he’ll go into hiding and hopefully he won’t be on TV as much in the future. This is her way of punching him the face.

  6. O'Brendan

    Of course a man should never hit a woman but this is more about revenge now. He was screwing other women and this hurts so much more than a black eye.

    The thing is, would she have made this video if there were still together? no way. She’d have said nothing because the man she loves is still around in her life.

    It would have been a brave video if they were still madly in love with each other and she decided to do this video. That’s brave, telling people and then leaving him.

    It’s easier to do a video like this when you know it’s over. End of story.

    1. Mani

      In as nice a way as possible would you ever piss off to the journal or breaking news where this kind of water cooler sh1te talk is more at home. Thnx hun xxx.

    2. Nice Anne (Dammit)

      It must be great living inside this girl’s head and knowing her motive for every move she makes. Can you send us a photo, the view must be mighty!

  7. Starina

    I’m kind of afraid for her now — many have seen this video and abusers tend to think that their victims deserve their treatment — he could now feel victimised himself and attack her for making this video. Hope she’s got family helping her out.

    1. Odis

      Nah, that would be stupid. And this guy isn’t stupid. Where he’ll try and nail her next will be access to the kids. He’s got the money to get a solicitor to rough her up.

  8. Columbo's Missus

    It has been mentioned in a few media articles though not the one here, that the lady made the complaint at a Garda station in Dublin on Friday and she posted the video on Monday. Chances of it going to trial are probably slim at this stage but it was an incredibly brave move by her.

    1. Dubh Linn

      When are the ww going to do the headlne, “Person complains multiple times about multiple incidences of domestic abuse, police do nothing and one of us ended up handicapped for life…. or dead”

      Oh and taking the WW as proof of anything – you are as bad as the yanks that frequently rock up in the comments completely not getting it.

  9. Markus

    It is worrying that something can go viral like this with no burden of proof. I’m not commenting either way on whether he did it or not but I wouldn’t fancy finding myself in a position where someone posted a video accusing me of something I did in the wrong.

    1. gallantman

      This whole trial by social media is so open to misuse. Extremely dangerous precedent. There is a functioning criminal system in this country that would have dealt with her complaint. The consequences of being found to have assaulted a woman are extremely grave, and properly so, thats the reason for due process/right to a defence/innocent til proven guilty. Now its open season for defamatory allegations of the most serious kind.

      1. Odis

        Her choice gallantman. We wouldn’t be discussing it on social media, if she’d gone to the guards instead of making a video.
        My guess is she has done far more damage to this fellow, than any justice that would be meted out by the courts.

        1. rotide

          Isn’t that the entire point Odis?

          I agree, it has done more damage to him than the courts and on the face of it, that’s more than deserved. Suppose he didn’t though. That’s the point that was being made.

        2. gallantman

          ‘She has done far more damage to this fellow, than any justice that would be meted out by the courts.’ Agreed. 100%. Exactly my point. A completely unfettered means of destroying a person- none of the checks and balances which we have put into our legal system.

          1. ollie

            The same legal system that released Larry Murphy? The same legal system that sentences a man to less than 4 years for deliberatley setting fire to someone?
            The same legal system that allows people to buy their way out of a conviction?
            Going public, getting him to publiclyadmit that he assaulted her and damaging his reputation and business, now that’s justice.

          2. Odis

            His word against hers. I think he’s a lad who can afford a good lawyer. And well sometimes the legal system isn’t necessarily fair. He either pushed her and she landed on her eye, or he smacked her.
            So let him take her to court for defamation. After all she’s broadcast it to a third party.

      2. Dubh Linn

        Just think, if he had not whacked 10 bells out of her there would be no story. Nothing at all, nothing on social media, no story. no debate, no publishing of contact details of shelters for people in danger of physical harm. It is almost like the moral of the story is ‘don’t be a dickhead’ and keep your damm hands to yourself.

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