Staying In Saturday?



Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly.

Prepare the popcorn.

Ann Louise Foley writes:

Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly will speak to Miriam about being the minister responsible for introducing water charges and the death threats he and his family have faced.
Panti Bliss discusses being the face of the referendum result…

Former Miss Irelands Amanda Brunker, Pamela Flood & Sarah Morrissey will chat about beauty contests and what the win did for their careers.And there will be a performance from The Voice winner Patrick James with his new single ‘Redemption Days.’

Plus three of Ireland’s favourite footballers. Twenty-five years on from Italia ’90 Packie Bonner, David O’Leary & Ray Houghton will look back at our finest soccer moment….


Presidential Campaigning Saturday Night with Miriam on RTÉ One at 9.45pm.

(Leah Farrell/



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47 thoughts on “Staying In Saturday?

  1. ivan

    Lookit, it was fun and all, but it’s 25 years since Italia sodding 90. I mean, we give out yards about the Brits banging on about the 1966 World Cup, but at least they WON the fuppin’ thing…

    1. scottser

      put em unda presha, ole-ole-ole, ooh ah paul mcgrath, you’ll never beat the irish, who put the ball in england’s net?

      1. Domestos

        And it’s that it’s twenty five years on. People weren’t banging on about it last year, and probably won’t be next year.

      2. ivan

        Fair enough – but d’you think any of Packie Bonner, David O’Leary or Ray Houghton will have much to say about what happened off the pitch, given that they were, er, on the pitch…

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          No I don’t they will.
          As Con Houlihan said, “Italia 90? I missed it… I was in Italy at the time”.
          Far more amusing to invite some of the die-hard fans talking about their adventures during the tournament.
          That’s if anyone watched this pantomime of a show with its revolving guest list. Not me!

          1. Anne

            Ah yeah.. their adventure was getting pissed and screaming ole ole ole, we’re all part of Jackie’s army, at the telly..

            Sorry to ruin the conversation now.. I’ll pop off to another crevice in Broadsheet, like nighttime rat poison.

  2. Hank

    Ooooh, Amanda Brunker.
    I just can’t get enough of her. Is there any beginning to her talents..?

    1. dhaughton99

      Well Brendan O’C shot his load with the ‘Bressie’, Norah Casey, George Hook and a piece on the Gareth Brooks debacle during the week. So that just leaves Miriam with either a Brunker, Twink or Louis Walsh with his latest piece of trade.

  3. Anomanomanom

    Panti was the face of the referendum! I must have missed that. Amanda Brunker the women who tried to tell me how I don’t pay for my pension and that I shouldn’t moan now I have to, She’s thick as two planks. The rest is readable I suppose.

    1. TG

      I must have missed it as well. I thought the Yes vote won because of all those who voted for it for it in the democratic process.

    2. Paolo

      Unfortunately, Panti WAS the de facto face of the referendum. If a “face” is needed at al, it should have been someone who represents the vast majority of GBT people rather than a circus act. It should certainly NOT have been someone who financially benefitted so directly from the campaign and result thanks to increased sales at his business, daily exposure in the press and constant flogging of his wares.

  4. Drogg

    I would rather run a marathon with shards of broken glass inside my jocks then watch this abhorrent crap.

      1. Drogg

        Netflix? I am really enjoying sense8 at the mo, its one of their own tv shows. Film4 always has something on or i will just hit the auld classic movies on Blu-Ray or dvd.

        1. Domestos

          Watched first few eps and gave up. The Wachowskis presumably had a wide enough remit (as it’s on Netflix) and delivered a tired primetime network TV knock off.

          1. Drogg

            You could hardly call it that with the exception of HBO i wouldn’t see any other network making it. Don’t get me wrong i am as confused as hell but it has a nice mix of comedy, thriller and sci-fi to make it very enjoyable.

          2. Domestos

            The cast of characters and establishment of same was too much for me. Way too functional from a script development POV.

          3. Drogg

            Yeah i do agree with you there, it would have been better to start with a principal character and then expand out episode on episode.

        2. scottser

          having not had a telly in the 90’s and 00’s, i’m now binge watching the spranos.

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            I completely missed the Sopranos that decade too (just out living life man) – so I’ve lined it up to binge on when the evenings get dark. All those one-liners and references may one day make sense ;)

          2. Drogg

            I watched it when it was on i have never been one to miss a good show but damn id love to rewatch it all. There is an episode called “the pine barrens” which is one of the greatest 50 minutes of tv you will ever see.

          3. Drogg

            May i also recommend watching “Band of Brothers” it is the greatest show ever made i suggest taking a day off starting early in the morn and watch all ten hours back to back.

          4. Domestos

            I also gave up on The Pacific Drogg, perhaps you can steer me right on that too! Band of Brothers was excellent, that Why We Fight ep is now the standard for that type of thing.

          5. Drogg

            Can’t help you there the pacific was god awful flag waving crap. It had none of the heart of Band of Brothers. I defy anyone to watch the last ten minutes of the last Ep and not shed a tear. There are a few moments in band of brothers that will forever be some of the greatest moments ever put to film but i do not want to ruin it for the lads.

          6. scottser

            i’ve a few of the new ‘true detective’ ready to go – loved the first series, anyone watching the new one with colin faddle?

          7. Mani

            It’s James Elroy by the numbers. Not that that can’t be enjoyable. Coddle is decent enough. Vince Vaughan is terribly miscast.

            Latest and probably last series of Hannibal is excellent. And rick and morty is back in a fortnight.

          8. Drogg

            Its ok its not nearly as good as season 1. It is more a copspilotation homage where series 1 was the southern gothic. It is really badly directed though. lots of talking off into the distance monologue style but while actually talking to another person.

    1. Mikeyfex

      I’ve three episodes of ‘The Comedians’ watched, Drogg. Save the goulies and get a Billy Crystal and Josh Gad (?) fix. Started iffy but enjoying it after 3.

      1. Drogg

        I will add it to my list, also new ray donovan and veep starting on sky atlantic on the 15th.

          1. Joe the Lion

            I buy them but they largely sit on the shelf gathering dust. Last one I bought was Capital by Piketty. Should make a great doorstop one day

          2. Drogg

            I was never really a book fan, comics are a different story, my house is full of them. I do wish I would read more but I can’t consume the amount of content I would like to that way, my wife on the other hand is a book a night person so I really have no excuses when there is that amount of books around the place.

  5. LookingOn

    Aye, Miriam is blindfolded and asked to put her hand into the jar that contains the massive number of Irish ‘celebrities’, and manages to pull the same ones out as….well….Ryan Tubridy, Brendan O’Connor etc.

  6. Quint

    Who the fupp watches this tripe on a Saturday with all the choice available? Over Netflix? Over Sky on demand? Over a DVD? Over something you’ve recorded 4 months ago in your DVR? THE MIND FUPPING BOGGLES.

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