18 thoughts on “Set Meals

  1. Fiach

    Forgot the extremely hungry windfall-fruitarians.
    They only eat windfalls, refusing to pick fruit from the tree.

    1. Champers Outside

      Because that signals the fruit ‘wants’ to be eaten.

      *They really believe that*

  2. bisted

    …I thought that was very inclusive…even the Iona Institute couldn’t complain about that.

    1. Kieran NYC

      What about the liberals who eat fetuses, eh?

      Although… since they count a fetus as a person… that would be cannibalism… Dammit!

  3. Clampers Outside!

    What do will they do when the non-meat eaters freak out on this….


    “As I suggested elsewhere, though, a more significant question is how one eats, rather than what. Does one acknowledge and show respect towards other potentialities of one’s sources of nutrition, resisting the temptation to convert them entirely into food? Does one let a being that provides one with sustenance live? Does one give thanks for this gift of nourishment?”


  4. octo

    What about if you don’t like fish but you do like meat? Where does that leave your lovely chart, eh? Fe*k off back to school with ye.

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