11 thoughts on “Enter At Your Own Risk

  1. Damien

    Surely the sign can say whatever it wants, there’s still legal duty of care, so if you hurt yourself because footpath isn’t done up to good standard, they’re still liable?


    It’s like carrying card saying “I’m talking no responsibility for my actions”…

    1. Paolo

      It’s a shame the law fails to recognise an individual’s duty of care to him/herself. I hate it that when some idiot falls over (deliberately or accidentally) they always look for someone else to blame.

    2. Caroline

      Yes. No liability will be accepted = no liability will be admitted. The courts can still apportion liability as they see fit.

  2. manolo

    I doubt St. Peter had to deal with Irish insurance fraudsters.

    The amount of pubs and sailing that went up in smoke during the crisis are just a tip of the iceberg. Talk to anyone who works in county councils, they have ‘regulars’ of the claims departments.

  3. the good helen

    do people still go into these places anyhow? Maybe its reverse psychology to get people to go in and pray? ahem.

  4. Mark Dennehy

    Perfect opportunity for some prankster to make up signs with the same heading and first paragraph, but pictures of the covers of the Ferns and Ryan reports in place of the second paragraph.

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