‘The Least Adversarial System That Could Be Established’


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Members of Survivors Of Symphysiotomy outside the Department of the Taoiseach last year and Health Minister Leo Varadkar

“Minister for Health Leo Varadkar has refused to intervene in the Government scheme for survivors of symphysiotomy following claims that it is adversarial and demeaning.”

“Mr Varadkar said the assessor in the scheme, former High Court judge Ms Justice Maureen Harding Clark, was appointed to act as an independent adviser. “That is why I will not attempt to go over her head or overrule her,” he said.”

The scheme “is the least adversarial system that could be established”, he said. To date, 235 offers had been made and 222 accepted from 577 applicants.”

Leo Varadkar refuses to intervene in symphysiotomy payment scheme (Irish Times)

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7 thoughts on “‘The Least Adversarial System That Could Be Established’

    1. Drogg

      There has been not one person in the history of this state been capable of sorting out the health system which currently needs major reforms. Hopefully we will one day have a health minister with some courage and intelligence to go in make hard decisions cut pay of those at the top cut back on over payed administrators find finance that is currently being wasted on needless quangos and get our health service up to scratch. I can dream of such a day.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        I dream of the same… but with TTP, TTIP and TiSA we can kiss good bye to that unless we can find some way to stop those agreements which essentially hand over running of everything to corporates.

        Surely our constitution should be able to halt those agreements….

        1. Drogg

          I always knew Leo was nothing more then a Headline grabbing worm. Hopefully our constitution will protect us hopefully none of them will be passed as they are death nails of society in general. George Orwell will be turning in his grave at the idea of corporation run public services. We need a new government, a new government of non ex-politicians. We need educated people who can think beyond their own financial gain. We need a hard turn on the direction this country is going in. Now more then ever we need real leaders, we need people like Michael Collins. Collins was someone who was well educated, with a financial brain, willing to compromise to get the job done for the good of the nation and was a natural leader who could get backing to make the changes we need to make Ireland a modern society with a good public service and equality and freedom for all.

          I apologise if it comes across as if i am flag waving but i certainly am not i just want selfless forward thinkers, no more grubby back handed politicians just out to line their own and their friends pockets.

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