The cyclist we can identify.

His pilion rider remains a mystery.

Derek Ryan writes:

I was at the street performers festival in Merrion Sq [Dublin] yesterday, During, Mario Queen of The Circus act, he enlisted the help of a member of the public, someone called Amy (above). The act was fantastic, really entertaining and funny, helped by the involvement of Amy. I have some photographs of the performance if Amy would like copies of them [see here]


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47 thoughts on “Amy One?

  1. 15 cents

    i saw him perform on friday .. it was real awkward when he was tryna get the crowd to crowd surf him, considering half of them were kids and couldnt reach so high he kept tilting now n again. thats when he’d bark at the crowd for faltering.

    1. Derek Ryan

      I am not a pro tog. I take photos because its my hobby. I was there with my wife and daughter and my daughters boyfriend.
      I am a firefighter and i like photography.

      1. Dόn Pídgéόní

        Firefighter you say? Photographer you say? Are you thinking what I’m Derek?

          1. Dόn Pídgéόní

            Don’t worry Derek, I’ll find ya

            *smiles, winks, falls over own feet seductively*

  2. Lordblessusandsaveus

    Roughly translated as “Hey, want to buy my photos?”

    Buy an ad Derek.

  3. Derek Ryan

    Just wanted to offer FREE digital copies if she and her husband, also in a couple of pics wanted them.
    Anyone not a cynic ???

    1. Raskolnikov

      I’m not a cynic Derek. What a lovely gesture, fair play to you. photos are awful though.

  4. Amy

    Hi Derek- I am the Amy in the pics! Thanks so much for sharing these- they are fantastic to have! What a random afternoon, my cheeks are still burning with embarrassment…..

    1. Derek Ryan

      Hi, Just glad you like them. It was your good humored participation that made the performance such fun to watch.

  5. Derek Ryan

    Lots of different reasons, but i don’t watermark mine anywhere that it cant easily be cloned out or cropped out.

    1. Derek Ryan

      Just had a look, how did you spot that/ remember that. Yup it sure does appear to be them

  6. Barbara Lawless

    Yes well spotted!! That’s the #WTFGUY and his wife! #celebs

    Nice one Amy and Stephen :-)

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