11 thoughts on “Aneyxcuse

  1. Stephen

    Given someone would have to manually alter the logo for that to happen – it’s not just someone hammering text into a keyboard and hitting send – I would say it’s most definitely intentional.
    One of their better trolls, I would say.

  2. Sarah Lennon

    A few years back when the rugby was in Croker the PP ads were upside down. That wasn’t an accident then & this isn’t now. It’s morkeshing baby

  3. Supercrazyprices

    It a member of the public didn’t photograph it and put it on Broadsheet then a member of Paddy Power’s PR team would have done it, pretending to be a member of the public.

    1. Mick Flavin

      Darragh’s Twitter says he works at Realex Payments. Paddy Power is a client of Realex payments.
      Where was Darragh on 9/11? Nobody knows and Darragh has never answered the question.

  4. MotorCyclist

    I’m not getting it if it was intentional. Still, give me a few hours and I could rationalise this as some worthwhile creative to get people using PP.com. We do it all the time in Advertising ; – |

    1. Darragh Flynn

      In fairness as soon as I saw it, I typed paddpyower.com into my phone to see if it existed…it does not. They could own the mistake (if it is one) by buying that domain!

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