10 thoughts on “Identification Card

  1. AlanN

    Most people would be outraged at a tattoo on their forehead – they can put a card in their pocket

  2. Not Gerry Adams

    Because the card will (presumably) only be seen by the woman, and maybe their doctor and pharmacist.

    One would hope that their healthcare providers would be discreet and not tattoo it on their foreheads.

  3. Paolo

    Why just tattoo it on their foreheads? We should round them up and put them in stocks in the town square.


    Just give them a discrete card that they can produce at times when it is required so that they don’t have to give their entire back story to a stranger.

    1. Mick Flavin

      It looks like a medical card specifically for people covered under the redress scheme. The holder is probably entitled to certain extra medical cover compared to a normal medical card, so the card has to state that somehow I suppose.

      I’ve seen similar cards for people who were infected with Hep C from contaminated blood products

  4. Christine

    It’s another way of labelling citizens. They are a disgrace why notgive same card as eeveryone else.. With maybe a symbol of sorts on it.. 2015 and we are still labelling people.. A disgrace. .

  5. Liberty

    “Redress for women resident in certain institutions” is an awful way of putting it. The word “institutions” and the unclear status of “resident” make this unnecessarily vague and ominous. Information like this should be in the person’s file; electronic data keeping makes it unnecessary to brand a health care card as this one is.

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