The Dog Days Are Over




This morning.

Popular Pets For Yes/No winner Max (left)  with his month’s supply of just-delivered, grain-free grub from Dublin-based Rupert & Frank natural pet food company. Unidentified friend on right.

Thanks Max’s guardian Niall and all thNOMNOMNOM

Rupert & Frank

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12 thoughts on “The Dog Days Are Over

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I believe a young Stoneybatter couple are suing their elderly neighbours for feeding a saucer of milk to their lactose-intolerant cat.

      Nah, kidding.
      But we’re there alright.

    2. ivan

      I’m a coeliac, so that caught my eye too, as i muttered ‘for fupps sake’…

      anyway, having googled, it appears that dogs *can* have coeliac disease as well, though it’s presumably pretty rare. Feeding Fido gluten-free grub if he doesn’t need it won’t benefit him, any more than humans going gluten free if they don’t need to. Although humans creating demand for GF stuff *does* mean that more stuff comes to market.

      (of course, the downside is that when the non-coeliac gluten-free gang go out to eat, they tend to be cool with drinking beer which makes restaurant staff think the rest of us are cranks. Ah well, swings/roundabouts)

        1. ivan

          yes. i think, Clampers, if i’m reading you correctly, that you find yourself in the company of folk who are ‘Gluten Free’ because they want to be, rather than being told by their doctor ‘Ivan, we stuck a camera down your throat, your intestines are in a bloody mess, no more gluten for you, for ever…’

          If that *is* the case, then yes. You’re probably right. There *are* people who are gluten intolerant and all they get from ingesting gluten is, probably, flatulence. If I ingest it, I get the runs, and damage is caused to the intestine, leading to an inability to absorb nutrients from food, in the short term.

          Here’s what I know about eating gluten free; you’ll lose weight, but not because you’ve cut out gluten, but probably because you’ve cut out eating fuppin’ pies. And cakes. And chipper food. You can have these things, but the GF versions will be more expensive, so where your biscuit budget was, say, a fiver a week and you were horsing into the aul Kimberleys, the fiver (in GF terms) will get you two biccies per cuppa in a five day week.

          THAT’S how the Gluten Free Poseurs tend to feel better. They’re eating less gunk rather than less gluten, if y’get me drift!

        2. rotide

          I’m not coelic but a relative is and people going gluten free for no other reason than ‘it’s so healthy’ is more annoying than most other hipster affectations.

          Good posts, You are remarkably restrained, I certainly wouldn’t begrudge you a far more foul mouthed rant :)

      1. Dόn Pídgéόní

        Not saying you are, but most non-coeliac gluten-free folk I know are in fact perfectly able to consume many things containing gluten if they feel like it. Its almost like they are pretending to look cool but I’m not sure why?

  1. Mick Flavin

    My cat was heavily involved in the No side and was afraid to enter the competition due fear of abuse from violent Yes fanatics. I think she should be given a prize. For balance like.

  2. rotide

    Best thing about this photo is the unidentified friends tail is wagging so hard its a blur

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