38 thoughts on “The Walk Of Shame

  1. Anomanomanom

    Honestly is any one surprised. Russia is one of the worst countries on earth for any type of rights.

    1. Jess

      Except for the right to party. But its just one party, attendance is mandatory and dissent will not be tolerated

  2. tony

    Terribly sad. Its not nearly the worse thing about Russia though, just seems to get a lot of press.

  3. Atticus

    As terrible as this is, what exactly did they think would happen?

    If anything, I’m surprised the reactions weren’t worse.

    1. Bejaziz

      After speaking with some friends from the Baltic states about the video the reaction would most likely be the same in the likes of Vilnius, Riga or Kiev

      1. Punches Pilot

        Would it have been any different in 1950’s Dublin. Would it be any different in 2015 Boyle?

        1. Illuminati16

          Boyle people are alot more tolerant than howiyas… howiyas even discriminate against other howiyas

        2. Quint

          1950s Dublin = 2015 Boyle? Get a fupping grip, ya clown. They’d get more abuse from the skangers and nutjobs in Dublin than the folk in Boyle.

      2. Atticus

        My OH is from Lithuania and she has a lot of family over here, and you’re right, a lot of them (mainly the men) would react the same way.

      3. Smith

        That was very quick, conferring with all your friends from the Baltic States, before posting. Good work

  4. Odis

    Gosh if every nation was as perfect as the Irish. They should try doing that in Saudi Arabia for a laff.

    1. ahjayzis

      hEhE gUd 1 hUn u TeL dEm hUn dEr nLy mAd 4 d gAyZ hUn xXx wB hUn
      dUz bE MeNtLe hUn xxx

    2. andrew

      I think we’re due an abortion story too. We had an Irish water one yesterday though so we’re ok there.

  5. 15 cents

    poor lads .. thats horrible, that lad at the end bargin into them, so angry .. like why does that make him angry? what a c**t

  6. bo@gmail.com

    in the days after #marref was passed, I noticed lots of same sex couples holding hands in public. haven’t noticed so many since. would love to see what would happen if this was filmed in Dublin, Cork or Roscommon

    1. ahjayzis

      Depends where you go, I suppose.

      I feel comfortable enough on Grafton Street or places like it – different story in a ‘rough’ area. Which is silly since it was the ‘rough’ areas that gave higher Yes votes, but you get emotionally stunted insecure skangbag teenagers more so.

      1. Joe the Lion

        Jaysus Christ lads while it’s easy for me to talk you’d have to do what yous want and behave like yourself at all times from now on, otherwise what was the point of the mar ref?

      1. Anomanomanom

        Progressive of streets, what exactly is that meant to mean. Iv lived on the area all my life, you clearly don’t live there if you think a couple holding hands would make anyone look twice.

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