14 thoughts on “Benz The Rules

  1. Avon Barksdale

    And instead of keying it and letting the air out of the tyres you take a picture for bs. Have you no shame?

  2. Mr Powers

    Why do you continue to block out registration plates? I mean I can put my head out the window and see all the registrations I want without them being blocked out.

  3. H

    Classic merc and BMW parking to avoid getting dinged by cars next to them, it doesn’t stop stray shopping trolleys though….

    1. Colin

      Its a 2002 E Series Merc. Its basically worth nothing. In fact the cost of fixing a dent would probably exceed the cost of the car.

      1. Bacchus

        A good one is still worth a few grand and they’re still better cars than most marques are producing now.

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