The Kettle’s Whistling For Ye



This afternoon.

New Irish citizens celebrate their new Irishness at the Convention Center, Dublin at the official Citizenship Ceremony, a tradition begun by former justice minister Alan Shatter (fair play, etc). A total of 112 different nationalities of candidates attended today’s ceremony.

New sisters, brothers and, why not, a friendly-looking-but-aren’t-they-all-in-fairness Catholic nun.


Also: irony alert

From top: Simbi Ayoola (12) with her relative and fellow new Irish Citizen Oladimeji Olajubu both from originally from Nigeria; Sister Odilia Kyomugisha, originally from Uganda, with unidentified Irish nun chum; Lulius Hegedus, originally from Romania; Modupe Tokunbo Apara, originally from Nigeria; Nikolina Damyanona with her daughter Daisy, both from Bulgaria; Dublin-born Likema Yonas celebrating her parents’ citizenship.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

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28 thoughts on “The Kettle’s Whistling For Ye

          1. Chris

            Used to be if you were born here, though we had the ‘other’ referendum where we voted eagerly to remove the birthright of certain people because it said in The Sun that Africans thought it was a cinch to have a child here and we got all xenophobic and gleefully voted away certain peoples birthright. We never talk about that referendum, was not too long ago either.

  1. ahjayzis


    Fair play to Shatter in fairness.

    Welcome aboard newbies! Feel free to complain about The Road and remark upon the Grand Stretch and Great Bit Of Drying Out :o)

  2. Truth in the News

    A bankrupt country provides citizenship to all comers and exports its youth
    legacy of Shatter, will he get his friends in Israel to provide rights to Palestiians
    and restore to them their birthright, their homes and homeland that was seizied from
    them…..the sheer hyprocacy of it all.

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