Thankful Task



Twenty-two paintings saying thank you.

Dropped off around Dublin.

Ismise writes:

Artist Emma Blake just realeased this lovely video of what she did to thank the people of Ireland after the success of the marriage referendum….

Emma Blake (Facebook)

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16 thoughts on “Thankful Task

      1. munkifisht

        It’s a great idea, and I appreciate it, but I have to agree with Paps. Nobody should be getting thanked for this. I appreciate that those of the LGBTQ community may feel that this was done solely for their benefit, but talking as a straight person, the fact that Ireland is now a more equal society is better for everyone. I don’t want to be part of a bigoted society that has some people shunned to the periphery. I want everyone to feel a part of the country, no matter their race, sex, or sexual preference, and that’s entirely selfish and I don’t need the thanks of anyone for it (although, again, I do appreciate it).

  1. ahyeah

    I found the Nazi salute at 04.11 disappointing. Insidious influence of the British royals, I suppose.

  2. Der

    Beautiful! Lovely idea, extend the warmth of the MarRef for as long as possible I say! well done Emma!

  3. Bejaziz

    “Artist Emma Blake just released this lovely video of what she did to self promote after the success of the marriage referendum….”

    1. ahyeah

      From what I encountered, the emotion and appreciation of the gay community in Ireland was heartfelt and genuine. And I’ll take this in the same spirit.

  4. Em-malicious

    I really liked the video. Nice idea and a lovely video diary of Dublin on a motorbike too. Missing Dublin from abroad! :’-)

  5. KirkenBrenner

    I didn’t vote with the expectation of a “thank you” from anyone, but this is genuinely humbling.

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