The Wicker Man




Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin.

Tomas writes:

A protest at the weekend to stop clamping companies from operating in public arts grounds (!! Fair play to this guy for pointing out that public arts are for the public interest and not an environment for clampers!! Same can be said for our hospitals….

Weave all had enough.


Suit yourselves.

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    1. Raymondo

      He also protests at Collins Barracks, where people used to park for free, walk straight past the Museum and hop on the Luas into town for the day. Doesn’t seem too unfair to expect them to pay €4 a day for parking.

  1. scundered

    I’d have more respect for him if he’d only taken the time to rub out his line separators after finishing his lovely poster.

  2. Jess

    Corn rigs and barley rigs and corn rigs are bonneyyyyyy…

    well I guess I’m watching the wicker man again tonight

  3. Paraic Elliott

    Seriously though, the clamping situation in Dublin is a joke, it was originally devised to stop people doing crazy stuff like parking on yellow boxes etc, but has now become a huge source of income for councils and people are being clamped at hospitals, museums etc which is just downright nonsense, especially at €80.00 release fee, no one should have to pay huge parking fees to visit a public hospital and no one should be clamped at one either, unless they are illegally parked in a disabled zone, rant over

      1. ivan

        They shouldn’t use the hospital carpark as a park’n’ride, but if hospitals would validate visitors’ tickets, the likes of Paraic wouldn’t give out in the manner he does. As far as I’m aware, Hospitals don’t, and *there’s* the problem because visitors are seen as another revenue stream.

        I remember when my Dad was coming to the end, up in Vincents, we spent a bloody fortune on parking – in at seven in the morning and leave at closing time, sometimes later. The day he died, I think we got a voucher for a discount on the parking but it was still a crazy amount we’d to pay.

        1. Someone

          That story about the voucher is terrible, I can just imagine the nurse shaking her head in sympathy and then handing you a parking voucher.
          You wouldn’t see it in a Monty Python clip.

    1. Anomanomanom

      It’s 100% appropriate to clamp in hospitals. The organisation I work for is a health facility, free parking and no clamping. No prizes for guessing what happens, Park and ride, parking while going on holidays for a week or two, Parking in disabled spots , blocking ambulance bays, the list is endless.

  4. ahjayzis

    I’m pretty sure Eircom in HSQ lease spaces in the RHK*.

    Makes sense to clamp shoppers ditching their cars if their paying lodgers aren’t getting spaces.

    *that or my dad just dumps his car there

  5. Custo

    yeah the RHK carpark is jammed every day from 9-5. I’d say abour 1% are visiting the museum.

  6. Paolo

    I lived in Rialto where my street was completely full by 9:00am thanks to Luas commuters using it as a car park. The same goes on all along the Luas lines so the campers are VERY necessary.

  7. Mr. T.

    Clamping is uncivilized and anti-social. It most likely contravenes some part of the constitution and your civil rights.

    Impeding your progress is a serious issue. Normally that can only be done if you are under arrest. You have a right to freedom of movement in a public place as long as you are not a physical threat to others.

    Bring back fines and enforce them properly. Clamping should be outlawed.

    1. Wayne.F

      Clamping your car does not limit or restrict your personal right to freedom of movement. Simple solution to private clampers (NCPS) etc is a small angle grinder to their lock! Leave the clamp behind no fee

        1. Colm Doyle

          I don’t think you can cut them, but if you pick them without damaging the lock, afaik, you’re all good.

        2. Wayne.F

          Clampers if you damage the lock it is criminal damage, but clamping company’s are hesitant to take you to court for a €4 lock and if you lose the case the cost is the lock and you still will not be ordered to pay the release fee!

        3. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

          As I understand, it’s not illegal to remove them but if you damage them in the process you can be done for criminal damage.

          There’s stories around of people taking off the wheel of the car, slipping the clamp off and leaving it there.

    2. Yea, Ok

      Clamping is a necessary evil though. If you really want to see progress impeded then remove all clamping for a week or so. Towns and cities everywhere will go into meltdown.
      The obnoxious parking of the few ruined it for all of us, so now we have to live with clampers.

      1. Mr. T.

        They wouldn’t go into meltdown because a revised system of hefty fines and collection would have been introduced to replace it.

        Clamping can cause people real problems when it happens, far outweighing the parking infringement.

        This notion that clamping was introduced to free up traffic is nonsense. Any car that blocks traffic is towed and always was. Clamping would only increase the time a roadway was blocked. It’s only used for penalizing motorists who overstay at meters in designated parking bays (not blocking traffic).

        1. dereviled

          Clamping people when the ticket expires seems a bit harsh, you’re right.
          But only clamping will make people think twice about parking like a penis.

    3. Someone

      That’s the worst argument against clampers I have ever heard, restricting your freedom of movement?

      Ever heard of a bus?

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