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Owen Keegan, former Director of Traffic Dublin City Council,in 2003

Boo, hiss.

The council is seeking approval from councillors to introduce a 12-month pilot scheme to allow fixed-charge notices to be issued to motorists whose vehicles are blocking bus lanes, cycle paths, clearways and access to driveways.

It is also proposed that such on-the-spot fines will be issued for vehicles parked on footpaths and non-commercial vehicles parked in loading bays, as well as illegally-parked coaches and buses.

In a report to be discussed at a meeting of the council’s traffic and transport committee next week, council officials will outline how clamping vehicles parked illegally in bus and cycles lanes as well as clearways is not the preferred option as it ensures the disruption continues until the owner returns, pays a release fee of €80 and the clamp is removed

Took your bleedin’ time.

Motorists in Dublin city could face fines instead of clamping (Irish Times)


Red Cow Luas car park

I had my car clamped at the Red Cow Luas stop on Tuesday. In the process of buying one parking ticket and one tram ticket, I omitted a digit of my car’s number plate.

Luckily for me, when I returned to the Red Cow and found my car clamped, an employee of the clamping company helped me pay the fine by credit card.

I appealed the charge by attaching a photo of the tickets and sending them to the company by email.

The next day I received a letter informing me that my appeal to cancel the charge was rejected. The bureaucratic pettiness, and the injustice of this decision – I proved that I had paid for a parking ticket, which the clamping company did not deny – is an extraordinary indictment of the culture of this organisation.

How many people have had their vehicle clamped and been financially penalised because they omitted a number or letter while buying a ticket?

And why is the method of buying a parking ticket so convoluted?

It’s an Irish solution to an Irish problem – make everything as complicated as possible and then fine someone for failing to get the process exactly right.

Declan Mansfield,
Western Australia.


Clamping at the Red Cow Luas station (Irish Times letters page)

Pic: Flickr



Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin.

Tomas writes:

A protest at the weekend to stop clamping companies from operating in public arts grounds (!! Fair play to this guy for pointing out that public arts are for the public interest and not an environment for clampers!! Same can be said for our hospitals….

Weave all had enough.


Suit yourselves.


The Herald reports:

“The €80 clamping fine should be increased to €130 according to Dublin City Council’s parking appeal’s officer. Bill Keilthy has said the fine has not increased since 1998 and is no longer a deterrent to illegal parking.”

“He was speaking as it was revealed that 56,000 motorists had their vehicles clamped last year. The system is also costing more money in Dublin than it makes. Clamping services cost €7m but the revenue it brings in is only €4.2m… Figures show more than 2,300 drivers have been clamped between four and 50 times over the past four years with one person caught 55 times — an average of once every three to four weeks and at a cost of €4,400 in total if the €80 clamping fee is applied.”


‘Increase clamping fines from €80 to €130,’ says Dublin City Council official (Herald)

Ranch2Last Saturday on the clamp crazy ‘Stretch of Doom’ in Rathmines, Dublin.

Anonymous writes:

A guy taking clamping on ‘that stretch’ in Rathmines into his own hands. The wheel was fully removed but he was still having trouble getting the chain off the axel. Guards arrived moments later. Who knows what happened after that.”


It just so happens…..


-3Tim Conlon writes:

Guy clamped. Removed wheel. Garda arrive. Man runs off. 20 mins later bloke comes back. Garda make him put the wheel back on….


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clampRathmines, Dublin.

Clamp happy.

“Calls are being made for Dublin City Council to ease parking restrictions because of what is being dubbed ‘over-enthusiastic clamping’.”

“Retailers in the Rathmines area of the city claim parking enforcers are making €1,000 a week from one short section of the main street alone.”

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‘Over-enthusiastic clamping’ hurting business (Irish Examiner)

Capel1 Capel2 Capel3 Capel4

BD writes:

“What looks like a commercial vehicle clamped in a loading bay this morning in Capel St.”

“It would appear that an enterprising individual managed to remove the clamp before the long arm of the law turned up.”

“DSPS turned up to show some exemplary parking themselves – blocking one lane of Capel St.”

“The loading bay itself is poorly signed – it is not top and tailed with the regulation signage and the one sign that exists that is conveniently located in the attractive flower arrangements.”