For Your Consideration



The Very Tiny Sketch Show.

By Writer/Director/actor Mark Cantan.

Who writes:

A new sketch for you, or rather a series of short sketches that I’ve called The Very Tiny Sketch Show. If enough people like it we’ll try and make a second episode. Who knows, maybe tiny sketches could be huge!…


Also starring: Luke Benson,, Aoife Moore, Kieran Roche, Camille Ross.

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15 thoughts on “For Your Consideration

  1. Gers

    Frankly? I didnt like any of it. Acting is good but material is school yard stuff, done a thousand times.

  2. newsjustin

    It was pretty well delivered. Good that the scenes are short. Yeah – we’ve seen similar before…but there’s something there.

    I don’t get the opening scene though……..who shakes hand in a lift?? (Is that the gag?)

    1. Carlos Strange

      I really, really liked these. And the elevator gag was one of my favourites. I think it’s a lovely bit of observation. We might get into an elevator with the same people every day for years and barely acknowledge them, our bodies touching, smelling their breakfast – and yet we eagerly shake stranger’s hands at the drop of a hat in other circumstances, “Very nice to meet you!” our heads bobbing, intended empathy oozing from our facial expressions… dunno, maybe it defies explanation but I think that was in particular a gem.

      Also, I hope Mark and the gang keep plugging away. I think there was some quite fresh stuff here.

      Maybe in future if we’re being negative about a particular thing we have to declare our favourite thing of that thing. I still love Monty Python, was a big fan of the Boosh and more recently Savage Eye has had some fantastic sketches. Oh, and that Domhnall Gleeson X-Men sketch from Your Bad Self!

      Please judge me accordingly!

  3. Harchibald

    Agree it’s juvenile, but decent. Very good first effort. Bit smarter jokes and will be on to a winner. Looking forward to the second episode.

  4. essex

    Who shakes hands in a lift? Getting into the lift going one stop and shaking hands before getting out? Huh?

  5. bisted

    …hi Mark…I think it is really brave of you to put this up without fear of ridicule…have you considered politics? The Greens seem right for you.

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