35 thoughts on “Seems Promising

  1. Nilbert

    hence the requirement for female tenants, preferably with no next of kin or friends who might try and contact them after a while…

  2. pissedasanewt

    I’m guessing another female from the Mediterranean region, but not France or Italy who only wants to share with other females and doesn’t want boyfriends staying over at night.

    Seems legit unless more detail is added to say “Single 40 something year old male with a keen interest in covert photography and night vision technology seeks women to share with..”

  3. Dee

    This same guy was looking for foreign single laydee tenants a couple of years back, think I posted it here at the time. That ad was creepier, but the theme is the same. It puts the lotion in the basket..

  4. Peoples

    He wants quiet international students and who could blame him….. Imagine some noisy obnoxious Irish girls moving in

  5. Mr. T.

    Maybe he’s gay or thinks non-Irish women will be quieter and better housemates than some locked country nurse falling in the door with some Offaly mush at 4am.


      Whats is scary, is how quickly a rash of other pig producing counties immediately spring to mind which would acceptable replacements for ‘Offaly’, in any case, I would have thought Kevin Myers placed his notices in the Independent.

    2. Paolo

      Well, he says very quiet, non-smoking cyclist so I’d say there is an 85% chance that it is a middle-aged gay man (probably also vegetarian).

  6. Martin Heavy-Guy

    After a quick Google-hunt I only found one Raphael who is a uni-lecturer and in Dublin (feel free to prove me wrong!) and she’s a lady. You read the ad a bit differently then. It just seems like someone fussy about house-mates.

        1. Dee

          God no, far lazier than that! Just quite a thorough Google. His ad seeking fresh-faced foreign female tenants a couple of years back also stated he was male.

          1. Martin Heavy-Guy

            Creepy as bejesus then. I had a friend in Galway who moved into a gaff with a similar ad, turned out the guy had cameras placed all over the house. He went to jail, but flip knows how long he was at it before getting caught.

  7. Mr. T.

    Check for small holes drilled in walls.

    There are women out there who’ll live rent free in exchange for sex. I had to give that up after a while though because I needed the money more than the ride.

    1. dhaughton99

      Raphael is the posters name.

      I’d pay to have a couple of young quiet Italians lounging around the house looking lovely.

  8. Niamh

    This actually didn’t seem too bad to me except that I’m struggling to think of a legitimate non-creepy reason why they would specify the tenants need to be in their early twenties when the person placing the ad is 50.

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