29 thoughts on “Crawlersberg

      1. Bad At Memes

        You know, autocorrect, etc.

        Mine doesn’t alter ‘worst Ireland’, funnily enough.

  1. Slightly Bemused

    I reckon its the beer googles they are using. After all, that is a slimmer than I am used to seeing…

  2. Peadar

    YAAAAS!!! Take that Aran Mór! Don’t see you in the ad, Blaskets! Lambay? Jog on!

    Achill is cool though.

  3. mike

    Carlsberg sales in Iceland, Greenland, Faroe etc plummet. (Oh, “….probably….”, ok)

  4. Mr. T.

    “Ah Jaysus no Carlsberg? I’m a Carlsberg man, I’m not drinking Heino”

    No you’re an idiot who believes there’s a difference.

  5. Omar Sarhan

    Carlsberg don’t do maps, but if they did they’d probably use a projection with a large Y axis scale distortion.

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