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  1. Dongle

    The Sunday Times/Team Sky/Chris Froome love in is a bit sickening. The paper that helped take down Armstrong is sticking its fingers in its ears and singing la la la when it’s pretty clear Froome is doping. Even David Walsh seems blinded-or is he being muffled by his employer?

    1. Raskolnikov

      It’s a bit disrespectful to David Walsh by accusing him of turning a blind eye to Froome’s antics. If Walsh thought he was doping he’d be the first to expose, he wouldn’t be worried about losing his job at the Times. He clearly stated in the Get Gilroy/newstalk interview that he has no evidence, which is unusual as there’s normally always someone willing to rat out a cheat.

      1. LiamZero

        Definitely: there’s no reason why Walsh would spend so much of his career and risk so much to expose one massive cheat only to throw his support behind another. The idea that he’d try to placate his employer on this is pretty ridiculous. He clearly believes Froome and Sky are clean.
        However… that’s not to say they are. Walsh may have been given “full access” to the team but he couldn’t have been around everyone at all times. And there is the possibility they are using some sort of doping method that has never been encountered before.
        Either way, it’s a terminally tainted sport as far as I’m concerned, as is much of athletics. No one will ever win big and not be suspected of cheating.

  2. Funk

    Is it clear he is doping?

    I can understand the suspicion but I’ve yet to hear anything but pseudo-science and accusations.

    Genuinely looking for a reason to go from just suspicion to being clear myself. Anything to add which would convince me?

    1. Dongle

      His stats are ridiculous. He barely sweats during some of his climbs. Team sky’s lack of transparency despite their promises speak volumes.
      Personally I believe the whole sport is knackered. Both the tour and the giro are far too demanding. Completing either clean is one thing but to compete is another story.

      1. Funk

        Yeah look I hear ya but that’s all still conjecture.

        Unfortunately there’s no substantial proof. Very hard to state that he’s clearly doping unless that comes.

        1. formerly known as @ireland.com

          I think sky are dirty. I do wonder if they might be using something, that isn’t known, therefore isn’t banned.
          Froomdog cannot go from also ran to World beater through marginal gains.

  3. Odis

    First Anglo Irish Bank collapsed because of David Drumm and now according the Sunday Business Post, the Banking inquiry is on the verge of collapse because of him.
    What a wreckless and destructive fellow, this baldy white collar thug is!

      1. Odis

        The money spent on it, trickles down to the little people – do you economics – at all?

      1. Lilly

        He won’t name and shame anyone, just attempt to exonerate himself like the rest of them.

        Have any women given evidence to the Banking Enquiry?

          1. Lilly

            Just wondered. Haven’t followed it closely but didn’t hear any reference to women giving evidence in any reports I’ve heard.

          2. Lilly

            So she has. I’ve just realised I don’t automatically think of Joan as a woman, more of a power-hungry man in drag.

    1. Mick Flavin

      It’s a play on “Group of Death”, with “Daff” referring to the Welsh (daffodils). Poor effort imo.

  4. Joe the Lion

    Dead birds good-looking bird friends in sexy Sindo front cover shocker

    Where’s CryinbabyNYC when we need him?

    1. Quint

      What else would you expect from the Sindo? Maybe when one of the injured makes a full recovery – and if she’s pretty enough – they might ask her to do a ‘risqué’ shoot for their Life mag.

    2. Odis

      I never noticed and I bought it. The plan being to make a €7.10 profit on the Lidl coupon.After I had attacked it with my scissors it went straight into the re-cycling.

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