24 thoughts on “Back On The Range

  1. LiamZero

    Eyes on the road, Anne. That’s the junction of Aungier/Kevin/Wexford streets, Camden Street is hundreds of yards away.
    Anyway, surely they’d be 152-D regs if we were truly back. 151-D is just sooooo January 2015.

  2. Anomanomanom

    So what’s the point in “baby we’re back”. So people have new cars, have I missed something.

  3. Pob

    Ugh, Range Rover aren’t even pretending their cars are for anything other than soccer moms these days.

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    Well if Tristan was collected from school in a brand new one – thrown up on some kerb with the hazards on – then so will Caoimhe.

  5. Mr. T.

    There’ll always be plenty of Dullards with enough credit (but not the cash) to buy a predictable black Range Rover.

    If you want the space, buy an estate. Just like your Daddies did.

    1. The People's Hero

      Spoken like a poor……

      Rookie new-monied mistake – spending your own money on a depreciating asset… A stupid, stupid thing to do….

    1. spud1

      looks like the Evoke…lots of them about.
      Probably helps that the Huberman is a brand ambassador for it…

        1. Nikkeboentje

          Both cars in the picture appear to be the TD4, which is the middle range engine. I think it retails for around €55,000 in Ireland. The SD4 model retails for around €66,000 in Ireland. Depending on the spec, it could be another €5,000 more expensive.

  6. chris

    There is an interesting experiment anyone can try, to begin stand in any populated area in Dublin, then look at the two people nearest to you, one on the left and one and the right. Guaranteed nearly 99.9% of the time one out of the three of you will be an ostentatious w()nk()r who aspires to this kind of crap.

  7. JunkFace

    It makes sense to drive a gas guzzling monster SUV around the tiny suburban streets of D2 and D6

    Screw carbon emissions!

    1. Frilly Keane

      Well those yoga mats need ta go somewhere Junk

      And mounting the kerb outside The Butlers Pantry qualifies as off roading too

  8. Paxton

    Jesus people, stop hating others just cause they can afford to buy a nice car. Typical irish, jealous haters. Get a life. Maybe if you bothered to work as hard as those people you could have one too.

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