8 thoughts on “Art Of The Car Chase

  1. Slightly Bemused

    am on the mobile so can’t see the video yet but I do hope it includes the one with the immortal lines “left… right… COWS!!!”


  2. Drogg

    It’s not great. It’s really badly edited the pacing is all wrong for a car chase. To make a good car chase doesn’t mean you need to cut on every beat of music, sometimes you have to take you time and let the shot linger.

      1. Drogg

        When it comes to the beautiful and curvaceous lines of steel and carbon fibre on a quality automobile you let those shots linger maybe add a smoke machine and some blur transitions.

  3. Demon

    Left to right for the chase, right to left for the crash; missing: subliminal intercuts of multiple weeping funerals.

  4. lolly

    I was enjoying it up until the fekkin pointer sisters came on. he should have stuck with the theme from the streets of san francisco

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