38 thoughts on “Cereal Number

  1. Vote Rep #1

    Things are expensive in the food places in an airport? I am shocked. Why has nobody noticed this before?

    1. Fergus the magic postman

      It has been noticed before, and therefore the subject must never be raised again.

      1. Vote Rep #1

        Its either that or it goes the same way as the surprised photos of receipts from Temple Bar.

  2. bisted

    Dear C.Silva de Moura…I hope life in Ireland improves for you beyond the point where you don’t have to work at 5am listening to truculent travellers whinging…I take it a tip was out of the question.

  3. ahjayzis

    What kind of sick weirdo orders cereal at the airport?

    Get a big dzzzurty fry you hairy communist!

    1. Drogg

      Burger king XL Bacon double cheeseburger with onion rings for breakfast, its the only way really.

      1. ahjayzis

        That’s even more wrong.

        If you’re leaving Ireland for more than 24 hours you need to stock up on the crap you don’t usually eat anyway but can’t get abroad!

  4. FK

    Were there no prices on display before you went to the till? You do also have the right to change your mind at the till and not buy them. Airports the world over are ridiculously expensive so such extortionate prices are to be expected, though it doesn’t make it any less annoying.

  5. 15 cents

    anyone with any cop doesnt buy jack in the airport .. except the full irish for a tenner .. thats a stone cold bargain. yer own fault for eatin poxy cereal when an excellent fry was mere metres away

  6. Supercrazyprices

    Another idiot who doesn’t check the prices first. And who the fugg orders a bowl of cereal.

  7. Black & White

    Ate in T1 a few weeks ago before a flight and for 2 burger and chips, 1 pint and a glass of wine, there was very little change out of 50. As has already been said, airports all over the world are expensive. Chania is Crete charges 3.50 for a small can of Heineken which is more expensive than on the Ryanair flight.

  8. Randy Ewing

    Another idiot who eats crunchy nut !

    Are you 12 ??

    Have you seen the salt & sugar content

  9. Champers Outside

    Best value breakfast when flying is the Aer Lingus breakfast. Looks a little bit mark but it’s very tasty. Only €7.50. My guilty pleasure when I fly.

  10. Nicelives

    Maybe I’m seriously wealthy, but €3.15 doesn’t seem a lot to sit down in a restaurant with a bowl of cereal and milk.

  11. Murtles

    Pfft hipsters with their bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes for breakfast when a perfectly good pint of Guinness would probably have less sugar and more nutritional value than those. I got charged €3.00 for a bottle of water on a Ryanair flight recently so I too have been fooled by the sky bandits.

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