Meet The Food & Beer Geeks



The Food & Beer Geeks.

Our first lunchtime web series!

Episode 1. “It’s gonna burn for a little bit…”

Brian Patton (top right) and Peter Zinter (left) embark on the first leg of a food and booze odyssey to Los Angeles where they visit street food and taqueria legends including Raul Ortega of Mariscos Jalisco food truck, Armando De La Torre of Guisados Taqueria and the friendly people at Los Guichos in South Central.

The Food & Beer Geeks is a web series that follows restaurateur Brian (a Dubliner living in Vienna for the past 17 years) and Michelin Star chef Peter as they gather inspiration, meet incredible cooks, and try some of the globe’s best food and drink.

This seven part series is lovingly presented by and will appear at lunchtime daily for the next week before beginning a weekly schedule.

Reviews welcome below.

Warning: Contains beer, food, travel, laughs and a few dodgy oystNOMNOMNOM

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