27 thoughts on “Windows 10 Upgrade Drama Update

  1. Tidy Dave

    Isn’t that just the media creation option which allows you to burn an image to a disc or USB drive? I.e. not the magical 7 or 8.1 to 10 via Windows Update?

  2. Mé Féin

    US English! God help us all!
    It’s just the version spoken by the majority of the English-speaking world.

  3. Celticon

    Did it today on my laptop from version 8.1 to 10. Zero drama. Surprisingly smooth sailing.

    1. Anne

      Did they not bring back the start menu with 10 though?
      I’m on 8.1 Might give it a lash.. I got no notification though, so I’ll have to go sniffing around for it – for the update that is.

        1. Odis

          I can see the “grand plan” in it all and what have you – fair play.

          But my inner cynic says, if Microsoft are giving it away free for one year – we might also be talking about Big Beta Test II. And having tried it out for a day, my outer cynic agrees with my inner cynic.

  4. Anne

    Ah fuck this.. I’m talking to myself.. I’ll have to go out and talk to real people if ye keep this up.

    1. honey m

      pain free experience. just takes a wee while. Is a better experience than that Win 8.1 and just works. After an hour messing about was back to my normal routine. Not a life affirming experience

      1. Odis

        Broadsheet malfunctioning all day yesterday and today for me. Maybe Bodger’s rants, has upset the Lizard Squad or some such.

    1. PPads

      No. Its a bit like driving a really old stylish car. And besides, 98 will do excatly the same as 10 except run 100 times faster. Most new ‘features’ in software are just marketing gimmicks.

      Serious question. I like the rest of the planet hate 8 but how long will it take before the bugs in10 will be ironed out?

      Also, let me make an IT prediction. The death of mobile apps. There is nothing an app can do that a specifically designed website cannot except the website carrys the processing load rather than your already overworked Mobile hardware.

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