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This morning.

Leopardstown, County Dublin

Microsoft announced the creation of 200 engineering roles as it unveiled a new €27m Engineering Hub, including an area called The Garage (above)…

…a space where Microsoft employees, as well as external partners such as customers, academics and students, will be encouraged to come to innovate, experiment and create, as well as fail.

As well as a large collaboration space, it also includes a maker space with cutting edge equipment like 3D printers, laser cutters and a milling machine.

Microsoft has ten other Garages in the US, Canada, Israel, India and China, but this is the first to be developed in Europe.

Boost as Microsoft to create 200 jobs in Dublin (RTÉ)



Old school Gates.

Luke Silke tweetz:

Following queries, The Oireachtas have confirmed that the software used to display the results of today’s Seanad election count was developed in 1993 and has “worked perfectly” in every election since then, adding that it also “works on Windows 10”

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Xbox OneA victory for the game consumer?

Sido writes:

Was it  John Gallen’s post on Broadsheet, that tipped the balance, I wonder? Microsoft rapidly back pedals on game ownership on the new X Box One release. Now all they have to do is sort out the bag of sh*te that is Windows 8.

Xbox One reversal: did Microsoft make the right decision? (Guardian)