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John Murray (left) and Ryan Tubridy

With news that Ryan Tubridy is the long term replacement for John Murray on RTE Radio 1 between 9-10am weekdays….

Philip writes:

Can anyone explain the thinking behind this move? Ryan Tubridy’s brand of radio did not work before on Radio 1, he was then moved to 2Fm where the brand also did not work….Now they’ve put him back on Radio 1. WHY!? Also where has John Murray gone to?


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41 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Digs

    He moved to fill Gerry Ryan’s slot. His first stint on radio 1 was successful. That’s where he’s at his best.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    Tubs’ turgid talk tries third time to toggle tuners’ transmission to topically trite travails that the tall thin talker thinks tip-top to tutorial the tribes tentative temperament to tussle through the tough turdy things

    1. The Old Boy

      Quick! Someone get Clampers’ instruction manual and find out where the reset switch is!

  3. Rubex

    because his parents worked at RTE and as Bruce Springsteen said “We take care of our own”

  4. Avon Barksdale

    When my lot take over he’s going to be one of the first to be shot into the sun

  5. dhaughton99

    Broadsheet, you now owe me the price of a new screen because I instinctively let fly at that picture.

  6. Cloud

    John Murray was cringeworthy at times, especially his topical “jokes” at the start of the programme.

    But Brendan O’Connor the past while has made Murray sound like Johnny f-ing Carson.

    1. Annie

      Totally agree with this. Brendan O’Connor’s show was excruciatingly woeful. His voice is simply unsuited to that hour of the morning – grating and sneering all at once.

    2. Joe the Lion


      john Murray at least sound like he was an actual person.
      If O’Connor bled I’m not sure what would come out ( if anything)

  7. CousinJack

    tubridy is a political appointment.
    if he was any good he have a job in the UK at this stage

  8. b

    I can’t deal with Murray and I won’t be switching back to tubs. it’s newstalk for me.

  9. Jake38

    The pipeline of mediocrity from the students union in Belfield to RTE has clearly run dry………

  10. Always Wright

    I loved John Murray when he had the business programme on Saturday mornings and I was delighted when he got a weekday slot even though I don’t get to hear it as often as I’d like. He clearly enjoyed the gig at first and it made for entertaining listening. It seemed to me though that after his illness he never really got his mojo back. It was like he was up all night preparing little bits and pieces for the show, so he stuck rigidly to his notes at the expense of spontaneity and genuine humour. Most of the time it sounded like he wasn’t listening to the people he was interviewing, he was waiting for them to finish talking so he could ask the next question. This resulted in a lot of repetition and hesitation which was increasingly frustrating to listen to.
    I think he has a great voice for radio (nothing wrong with his face either!) and I’d love to hear him back on the airwaves some day/
    I would happily feed Tubridy nose first into a meatgrinder and make sausages from him. I would feed those sausages to Brendan O’Connor because I can’t bleedin’ stand him either.

  11. veritas

    As one who used to defend RTE as an upholder of public service broadcasting I am sorry to say I have had enough.Before Lyric we had great classical music programmes in the evening presented by people who knew music and did not talk just to hear themselves.Then they opened the Lyric retirement village and filled it with rejects and has-beens.John Kelly,famous for presenting a complete programme on rte2 where every record referenced chickens and who now presents a show on Lyric which has no unifying theme and bounces from pop to classic in a most annoying way.Marty Whelan who thinks his own voice is much better than any music.Lyric seems to be where the useless go to live out their reclining years.
    Tubridy was awfull on RTE 1 and I was glad to see him go to 2fm.John Murray never seemed comfortable on his recent slot after good work on morning Ireland and the business.Then came Brendan O Connor,a face for radio and a voice for subtitles.
    It is as if all the presenters know where the bodies are buried and cannot be got rid of.
    It would be wonderful if they could hire people based on their skill and feeling for their subject however I have given up hope of this happening.

    1. bisted

      ‘…Then came Brendan O Connor,a face for radio and a voice for subtitles.’

      -brilliant…heard him sneering this morning…good riddance.

  12. Amrons

    I read John Murray was going to do Sports in the autumn for RTE and I think RTE are just going for the old tried and tested Gay Byrne schedule with Ryan – IMHO

  13. ahjayzis

    Whatever about Tubs, Murray and the endless parade of useless, asinine poxes who must all have incriminating photos of the DG in flagrante – the real broadcasting crime is Mary Wilson at Drivetime.

    Woeful, just WOEFUL. False sincerity, pronouncing words like sincerity as sinceriSHi, a baseline giggly, uninterested tone that doesn’t change when discussing child poverty or some turf-eating contest in Ballynawart. She’s the worst current affairs broadcaster I’ve ever come across. Mind bendingly awful.

    1. Always Wright

      My least favourite thing about Mary Wilson is that thing she does when she’s interviewing somebody and she’s trying to wind up conversation because of time constraints.
      “I’m sorry minister, I, I, I, I’ll have to ask you to be as brief as possible in, in, in your response to the statement we’ve just heard from the unions. We’re running a little short on, on, on time and while it’s important that we hear your, your opinions and indeed your analysis of, of, of the matters raised in that statement I must ask you to limit your reply as, as, as much as is possible under the circumstances.”
      Between unnecessary ‘indeeds,’ convoluted sentence structure and that slow considered repetition of prepositions and pronouns. she soaks up airtime while telling us it’s running out.
      Is it a sign of age that I glare at the radio when she does this?

    2. Kieran NYC


      The woman has been doing that job for YEARS now and she still couldn’t time an egg! She’s always running over and messing up. Compare to Matt Cooper on TodayFM and it’s night and day.

  14. Lilly

    I don’t enjoy Tubs, he’s beyond boring but Brendan O’Connor is not working either – he’s like the radio version of the Sindo, Gerald Kean ‘solicitor to the stars’ – haha who’re you kidding – this morning, no thanks. I liked John Murray but agree with Always Wright above that he never quite got his mojo back after his illness. Tell you what RTE, let’s have some open auditions, I’d like a shot at it.

  15. phill sheehy

    buy a tv/radio licence, you get to be a share holder, vote out the dead wood once every few years. We pay for them, when they suck they should be terminated- tubbers is 1st on the list.

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