27 thoughts on “‘That’ Talk, 1981

  1. Liz

    I remember my (fairly modern, fairly liberal) mother handing this book to my older sister circa 1983 saying “Read this. Then tell your sister”. That, Dallas, & the raunchy bits of the World Book encyclopaedia were the extent of our sex education. We never did manage to pray the hunger away though.

      1. Hank

        I imagine it more like this..:

        Mum: “Clamp, you now how the, eh, you know how babies are made?”
        Me: “Yep, it’s when Mani uses your other hole”
        Mum: “Ah, grand so”
        THE END

  2. Gers

    Fair play on the Homosexual definition, nail on the head. Not as bad a book you would think, seems to me Catholic ethos went bananas since then on that subject?

    1. ahjayzis

      Yeah fairly bang on.

      Marriage way back then was solely between men and women if you’d believe it, so makes sense a gayer wouldn’t be totally on board.
      And being shunned by your family cast a shadow over enjoying family life, so that’s accurate too.

      All in all fairly honest for a Catholic book!

    2. Zeno

      “They are a minority group and many of them…”…straight up position of gay people as ‘other’. No indication that he reader or writer could ever be gay. Subtle nastiness.

  3. Just sayin'

    The first page isn’t the worst, given the date and its authors. The only thing I agreed with on the second page was that 15 years olds cannot be given free rein.
    If we could only somehow merge modern morality with the proper sense of actually taking responsibility that is implied in the book we might get somewhere.

  4. tony

    Intelligent, sensitive, realistic. Amazing to see the gang on here knee jerk reflex bile stupid.

    1. scottser

      i bet you use those ‘natural family planning charts’ eh, tony? or has your missis downloaded the pink pad app?

  5. King Thistle

    “Right son… I want to talk to you about changes in my mucus” – “great mum I’m all ears”

  6. TG

    Apparently there’s a new 2015 anti-Catholic booklet on How to Talk to Your Child About Sex. It’s only go one page that says: “Do it in the road.”

  7. Joxer

    stabdard catholic dogma that is as relevant today as it was then to the Catholics….. poisonous aul guff all the same but sure thats par for the course with that lot.

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