The Crying Bed


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Meanwhile, in yesterday’s Irish Times, Una Mullally wrote:

Dublin City Council flew a kite last week about reducing the size and the number of windows in new apartments. Nihilum didicimus [we have learned nothing]. The Construction Industry Federation has been calling for smaller apartment sizes for a while. More units per development equals more money.

The city has gone through several phases of apartment building, including builders who were so clever they didn’t even need architects. Now, as citizens are left wincing at so many terrible developments that got planning, the council is talking about rolling back on size standards for the sake of “kickstarting development”. Nihilum didicimus.


Flat 6, 190 Lower Rathmines Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6 (

Una Mullally: A dark day for Dublin apartment dwellers (Irish Times)

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35 thoughts on “The Crying Bed

  1. Jonotti

    Haha suckers. I’ve left that behind and have my own 160sqm place now.
    “And close to your sheep friends in Leitrim” says Mani.

    Nein. In a much better place than piss stained Dublin.

  2. classter

    Stupid, stupid proposal.

    The real problem is that apartment-living has such a poor reputation in Ireland that anybody over 35 or anybody with children refuses to live in them and we end up trying to shoehorn in semi-ds in and around every urban area.

    Reducing apartment sizes, reducing apartment standards generally just reinforces this.

    Trying to find reasonable quality apartments to rent in Dublin City Centre is really difficult compared to many other European capitals. And for once, let’s not refer to the UK. This is something they do really badly.

    1. MarkA

      “in Ireland [nobody] over 35 or anybody with children refuses to live in them…”

      Erm, there are families and people over 35 living in apartments.

    2. Kieran NYC


      I’m dreading moving back and trying to find a decent place to live that doesn’t have the same cheap wood floors, finishing and Ikea crap pre-installed.

  3. nogoodstarttgecans

    Compared to Luxembourg, Dublin apts are sub standard, suitable for the less well off, awful really when you see how it should be done.

  4. Colm

    Some of these units make you wonder if whomever built or designed them considered what it would be like to live in them for even a second!

  5. Stewart Curry

    I’d imagine a small apartment designed from the start to be a one-bed studio would be a lot more appealing than this converted mess.

    1. Paul Davis


      Sense is not allowed be spoken here.

      Go to IKEA and see what they can do with 25m², actually amazing.

        1. Paul Davis

          A family in 25m², what are you talking about?

          One person.

          No one needs a hallway btw…

          1. dereviled

            My mistake, you’re right.
            One person.
            With smaller windows.
            You could pretend you live on a boat.

    1. Gag

      I wish I got €520 a month to pay some of my mortgage instead of having to pay it all with my own money out of my own wages. Fing benefits society and take, take, take for nothing.

        1. Anne

          Go way and buy a dictionary and some measuring tape.. and ask Santy for a personality and some scruples this year while you’re at it.

        2. gav

          What? You need to read more carefully. I already have a house, hence I have a mortgage, which I am paying all on my own without any €520 a month payout from other taxpayers payslip deductions.

  6. Daisy Chainsaw

    It’s not even a bedsit. It’s a kitchenette with a fupping bed in it. I wish the landlord/lady burning wee for all eternity. Money grabbing pigs.

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