‘It’s The Anabolic Steroid Ben Johnson Tested Positive For’


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Kieran Cuddihy and Chris Donoghue of Newstalk

Kieran writes:

We bought a number of drugs online [even though it’s illegal] and had them delivered to the Newstalk office. We bought DNP, amabolic steroids, valium and viagra.

Nobody at the station was contacted by Revenue or the Health Products Regulatory Authority in relation to the purchases.

What drugs can you buy online? (Kieran Cuddihy, Newstalk)

The Ben Johnson Steroid Inquiry: Francis Details Johnson’s Drug Use in 1987-88 (Los Angeles Times)

Athletics Ireland Statement on Published Doping Allegations (Athletics Ireland)

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22 thoughts on “‘It’s The Anabolic Steroid Ben Johnson Tested Positive For’

  1. Medium Sized C

    All over the damn map here.

    Seriously, Newstalk did that piece after a lad died from taking a fatloss aid.
    They bought a steroid and happened to be the one that Ben Johnson used all those years ago.
    And you link to an EPO scandal.

  2. Custo

    Why would Revenue contact them? How would anyone even know that they’d bought these drugs? Did it have ‘illegally purchased drugs’ written on the package?

    1. rotide

      This is what struck me too.

      Imagine the uproar if it turned out customs had been opening your mail on the shly

      1. donkey_kong

        but they do!
        I’d a nice chap from the IMB ring me before saying they’d taken a package off me .

        wasn’t roids though …

    2. Continuity Jay-Z

      Revenue allow customs agents to juice so they are big and strong to intimidate the diesel bandits in Monaghan and Louth.

  3. Anditsgone

    Are they sure they bought drugs? Shady sellers have little reason not to just sell you sugar pills

    1. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

      Exactly. If this impacts on my next shroom delivery I’ll be writing them a very strongly worded letter.

  4. rotide

    “thats the big worry about anything that’s bought online, you just don’t know whats in there”

    Way better off to stick to deco who cooks his own yokes.

    1. donkey_kong

      I see your point , but there is a decent chance deco takes his own yolks.
      a small bit of quality control there as he is still about to sell them to you

  5. John D

    Jesus, these hacks ruin it for everyone. This is just for attention. “Stories” like this announce to the authorities to start looking for letters that may or may not be loaded with festival enhancers.

    i remember when i was in college, some twit who heard about budmail.biz wrote a feature on it in some crappy rag he wrote for and within a month, 50-80% of the letters stopped getting through. he got his crappy story for his dumbass mates to fawn over though. Willy.

  6. Handy

    Male Athlete of the Year for 1985, ‘Big Ben’ was the winner of the 1986 Lou Marsh Trophy as Canada’s top athlete. Johnson had won his four previous races with Lewis and had established himself as the best 100 m sprinter.

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