You’ll recall the launch of the first Women’s Museum of Ireland in March 2013.

Now, the folks behind the museum are making a map of Dublin.

And they want YOUR help.

They write:

“We at the Women’s Museum of Ireland are creating a unique map of Dublin city, to draw attention to sites around the city that are related to women’s history, in the hopes of inspiring preservation and recognition of those sites.”

“We have commissioned two Dublin-based designers to create the map, but we need your help in mapping the city! Over the next three weeks we will be putting a call out for online submissions, to plot out sites across the city. We will then create a shortlist of sites to include on the physical map, and include a larger database of sites on an interactive map on womensmuseumofireland.ie

“This physical map will be made available for you to pick up or print out, to lead you around Dublin’s fair city. Rediscover the residences of Society hostess Lady Jane Wilde and the social activist Rosie Hackett, and the hidden histories of Moore Street and Henrietta Street in the city centre. Out in the suburbs of Dundrum, did you know that the sisters of the artist Jack B. Yeats ran the Cuala printing press, the only Arts and Crafts press to be run and staffed solely by women?”

“There are still a great many stories to be uncovered, and we are appealing to you to share those stories with us. We want to present these stories to the wider public, and make them accessible to both locals and visitors to our great city. Once the project takes off, we hope to extend it beyond Dublin and around the country.”

“We are using the hashtag #WomenofDublin to gather data, or you can contact us via Twitter and Facebook to help us plot out these sites around the city! Alternatively, email us at info@womensmuseumofireland.ie”

Fair play in fairness.

Help us put women back on the map of Dublin! (Women Museum of Ireland)

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