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  1. Bejayziz

    Is there a body you can text pictures of wrongly parked cars to so they’re issued a ticket?

  2. edalicious

    He’s actually gone miles out of his way to be obnoxious there, especially considering there’s a parking space right there.

  3. Tim Robbins

    Say it to the driver or maybe send / tweet a picture to SuperValu. Sending it to BS wont stop it happening again.

    1. Mister Mister

      The Supervalu twitter account is usually pretty active and responsive, although maybe not in such instances as these.

  4. IP Freely

    Dublin Cycling Campaign have had a good campaign running around this for the last month.

    Tweet the photo including time & location & #freethecyclelanes

    for added fun tag @SuperValuIrl and @gardatraffic

    1. Steve

      He had to cross a solid white line to get there – so even if legal to park there – illegal to get there in the first place.

      1. dereviled

        Excellent point.
        I would mention though that many cycle paths have a solid line seperating then from vehicles but are only clearways at certain times, promoting vague understanding and casual or calculated disregard as above.

    1. Wayne Carr

      Exactly, shut up cyclists. You have yer fancy pantcy lanes now (at our expense, might I add; me, Sean, the tax payer). Whether you can use them or not is none of our concern. Move along, SHUT UP.

      1. ReproBertie

        The great thing about buying a bicycle is the grant of freedom from paying any tax whatsoever that comes with it.

      2. Roadie

        Most cyclists have cars and pay motor tax. If that’s the argument you want to pursue Wayne Carr, we pay for your roads.

  5. NilNocere

    People always drive up that particular stretch of cycle lane by accident. Seems a more likely scenario given that there is clearly parking on the other side of the road

    1. St. John Smythe

      There is a fairly prominent kerb in between the cycle lane and the road. It has two tiny lanes with little bicycles on it. I think you would have to be some class of idiot to mistake it for a road.

  6. Corky Duke

    If you took a photo of every cyclist who uses the road instead of a cycle lane where its available and posted it to BS there wouldnt be any room of other posts……..cyclists, as Wayne says, move along and shut up………

    1. Peter Ohanraohanrahan

      Cyclists sometimes need to make right hand turns at a junction. They cant ramp off the bike lane at the last second, crossing 2 lanes of traffic to do so as this would result in another cycling fatality. Thus it is necessary to sometimes travel along the road and get into the righthand lane to make a turn as other road users do.

      Also to counter your anecdotal begrudgery with equal and opposite begrudgery: If you took a photo of every motorist who breezes through red lights just after mashing the pedal to the floor during an orange light, you would need a Dennis O Brien’s worth of SD cards to store them all. Move along and maybe use your indicators: they wont wear out love, honest.

      1. Corky Duke

        dismount and use the pedestrian crossing – no? or now they have some cycle crossings with lights and all for you…..

    2. munkifisht

      Love when morons raise their stupid heads so I can line up my logic gun and fire pure facts in the cavity that should contain a brain.

      If you’re a driver you should be BEGGING to get better rules and regs for cyclists. You should be more active than any cyclist in ensuring that bike lanes are kept free and open and the roads are made more accessible and safer to those on two wheels and should be campaigning for segregated lanes and stricter rules on those who endanger cyclists lives. The why is easy – 3 reasons

      1- Cyclists make urban and city space nicer for everyone. Not only are they doing the environment a favour, but they don’t make any noise

      2- Cyclists reduce your taxes. They’re more likely to be healthy into old age (if they’re not smashed by a truck that is), less likely to smoke and less likely to a burden on the taxpayer.

      3- Cyclists make the roads better for cars. More commuters on bikes means less cars on the road, means less traffic, means you spend less on fuel and time in getting to your destination.

      The one main thing keeping people from cycling is the fact many see it as a highly dangerous extreme sport because wally car drivers don’t understand that EVERYONE is better off with more people on peddle power.

      1. Corky Duke

        I love wally replies like this……..utter rubbish and nonsense. Facts, cant see one there. You know where you can put your logic, in your logic gun and shoot it back up your arse……idiot.

          1. Corky Duke

            nothing better to do Munkifisht than talk about yourself…..haha…go back to your crying chair……hahaaaaa

          1. Corky Duke

            Great comment Draxx..you must be a cyclist – the people i love to beep at for no reason……classic.

          2. Roadie

            Beep and receive a swift finger. Stop to give out, we all know who will win. The fit cyclist or the overweight, ‘angry at life’ driver. Try it more often Corky. I look forward to meeting your ignorant arse out on the road.

  7. Peter Ohanraohanrahan

    Revenue are trying to pull a fast one here. There is nothing in the guidance about duration of the accomodation. The only definitions given are “qualifying residence”, ‘relevant sums’ and ‘residential premises’. No definition of duration of stay is included.

    The non application of relief section refers only to child to parent or employer to employee situations. Again, no situation in respect of duration is included. The UK case probably has no bearing but its hardly relevant given the total lack of guidance from Revenue.

    Either the revenue Guidance is woefully incomplete (is every taxpayer required to read volumes and volumes of tax law before submitting a return?) in which case clawback of past earnings is going to be contentious to the point of taking it to the EU or they are pulling this directly from their rectae, and given the brain drain out of Revenue over the last decade I wouldn’t be surprised if the latter is the case.

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