This morning.

King Puck after spending two nights perched high over Killorglin, Co Kerry, as the town entered the third day of the controversial three day Puck Fair Festival.

Day three is called the Scattering.


(Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland)



This afternoon.

Eamonn writes:

King Puck being lowered from his perch for a one hour photo session with the public for €10 per photo.

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29 thoughts on “Day Three

    1. scottser

      they really should amalgamate the rose of tralee with the king puck fair and have done with it.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Put the girl in the cage and have the goats twirling Daithi and winking at the escorts? I like it.

    2. Lan

      Taken down every night as I understand it. The picture from broadsheet early showed he has plenty of bedding and feed. Between munching away and relaxing he hardly looks stressed (and far less so than the roses getting within Daithi’s range)

  1. essosee

    Yeah…that’s one stressed-out goat.

    I wonder when ARAN are going to accuse organisers of sedating him.

      1. essosee

        Why wouldn’t they care?

        That’s a serious question. Why would they not care about the goat?

        1. Lan

          Great question!

          Why take care of goat before he goes up if they don’t care about them?
          The locals round Killorglin are madly protective of these goats cos they’re such a tourist attraction to an area that’s relatively poor in other incomes

        1. Lan

          No but they can and do get stressed. Its actually pretty easy to tell if and how stressed they are. Tailing flicking, getting up and moving round, ears up and alert, not eating. This goat is grand*

          *and no before someone asks I’m not some sort of freaky goat whisperer. This is the stuff they train all young farmers in as a animal welfare module. Stressed animals are unhealthy animals

  2. Custo

    What offends me is the lack of aesthetics about the whole affair. Industrial cranes & winches, aluminium cage, metal poles. Ugly. Real bang of ‘that’ll do! Be grand!’ off the whole thing

    1. Kieran NYC


      “I know a fella who makes…” Surprised the Healy-Raes aren’t all over it, to be honest.

  3. Joe

    so gutted I’ve missed the craic down in gombeen land, probable missed a chance to meet The King of the Gombeens himself, think he prefers to go by Ray Healey or something like that.

  4. meadowlark

    I read that in the Big Brother voice. You know, yer man with the awful accent.

    “Day three in the Goat Loft, and tensions have begun to rise.”

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