Hot Swot Storm



‘With his blonde hair, an orange hoodie, blue jeans and maroon sneakers, David Glynn looked more like a boyband star than the country’s brightest Leaving Certificate student on Wednesday’

Brainy and purty?


Smellyer writes:

If a female student had scored 9 A1s in the leaving and then be described as looking “more like a girlband star than the country’s brightest Leaving Certificate student” I imagine there would be uproar…




Leaving Cert: Castlebar student secures nine A1 grades (Tom Shiel, Irish Times)

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40 thoughts on “Hot Swot Storm

  1. Caroline

    So he’s a good looking teenager. What’s wrong with pointing that out? Or have we come so far now with the men’s rights that we can’t make lingering references to a boy’s physical appearance in a national newspaper without some virginal neckbeard piping up and spoiling the fun.

      1. Caroline

        Steady on. I think he projects unbridled wholesomeness and accomplishment.

        A future Mayo Rose, perhaps?

    1. smellyer

      Easy on now m’luv. I’m not spoiling any fun. My point is purely that if the same comparisons were made about a female there would be outrage.

      That outrage would be as unjustified as being outraged at this article about this young man.

      1. Caroline

        Well well. Seems pretty watertight. Got all the angles locked down. Open and shut.

        Alright Feminazis, stand down. Time to let the Gotcha Squad clean up.

      2. Neilo

        I was expecting the student with the nine A1s to be a girl, to be honest. My white male privilege needs some fine tuning.

      1. Caroline

        A smug person who thinks he’s come up with a devastating rebuttal to feminism, and is insisting you acknowledge it with the guileless enthusiasm of a toddler having filled its first potty.

        1. smellyer

          I decided not to pick up on that personal attack on my sexuality Caroline. It was very immature.

  2. Raskolnikov

    Smellyer, you’re wrong, I guess you were reading that hoping and praying that they used a word like sexy or gorgeous or hot, but they didn’t. Instead they used boy band and you still thought it was enough to create outrage. Give it a rest!

  3. Kieran NYC

    Fair play to him. Wonder why he chose Japanese.

    Hope he enjoys his night, whatever he does!

  4. SOMK

    Imagine the uproar if the reanimated corpse of Hitler got 600 points in the leaving cert and was described in terms which flattered his appearance, “with his flat black hair and brown shirt…”

    Just imagine it!


    And all of it totally unjustified for some reason.

  5. ahjayzis


    I think we can all agree he’s insufferable and we all hate him for getting 900 points in a contest where the max you’ll ever need is 600 and that extra 300 is just to rub all us norm’s faces in the poo.

  6. Inopro

    spectacularly condescending
    Now this would be REAL bad, but more relevant ‘Student achieves significantly above average Leaving Cert in prep for inevitable emigration’

  7. meadowlark

    The year I finished school at least 4 of my friends alone got the full 600, while one got 900 and another got 800. It takes serious work. Congratulations to all the lads and ladies.

    1. All the good ones fly south for winter

      …and the king would give a brand new shilling to the best in class.

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