11 thoughts on “Oh Ye Of Little Doubtfire

  1. Jonotti

    I hate everything about this.
    1. It’s not a good film.
    2. It’s not a film for 29 year olds.
    3. Outdoor cinema does not work in Ireland.

      1. meadowlark

        I bet he feels great up there all by himself on that high horse.

        Perhaps a hug will make all the pain go away?

    1. Parky Mark

      1. You don’t have to go
      2. You don’t have to go
      3. You don’t have to go

      Sounds like you actually hate yourself because you are too lazy and bitter.

  2. munkifisht

    For me, not Williams best outing but a fine film nonetheless and a good example of the mix of his comic and dramatic chops. For me though it will always be his darker stuff I’ll remember him for. Good Will Hunting, One Hour Photo, Memento and Good morning Vietnam. Can also maybe add one of the best Disney characters of all time to that list too, Genie, who has monstrous amounts of influence from RW. Bags of talent that lad.

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