12 thoughts on “Gimme Some Trews

    1. Mani

      Given Murdoch’s history of mental illness, I think it’s probably fairer to attack Hannibal. After all, he’s the leader.

  1. Manta Rae

    I feel slightly offended he didn’t again do an Oirish accent to portray the ‘people around the world’ whom he claimed enjoyed his inane ramblings. Tellingly, though, the accent he did use sounded Middle Eastern….

  2. Jimmy 2 tones

    Me Me’s hate him….Good decent people like him. What he says is always correct. But they will ignore & continue to be ignorant.

  3. David

    His comments about being attacked for simply pointing out the truth are maddening and saddening.

    He’ll be back.

    1. Atticus

      Indeed. I get the feeling he wants to go off and educate himself a bit more in the intricacies of politics and economics as he has often been caught out in debates.

      I still like him though, his beliefs come from a good place.

  4. retroboy

    The trews is we live in a fu*cked up world, where money counts for more than people’s lives. Fair play to this guy, who stuck his neck out and pointed this out to people. Every time a migrant/refugee dies trying to get to Europe, it’s because of money. Everyone of them is some mother’s child…

    I’d better stop now.


  5. Kieran NYC

    “I’ve gotten bored with it, I don’t like people challenging me, and Oops anyone who put their faith in me”

    A complete egotist who completely sabotaged his own sometimes-valid messages. Another demagogue without a focus or real ideas.

    Going to happen to so many Independents in Ireland. And it’s a pity. Because their half-assed failure drowns out any valid points they make.

    By the way – have any of these people who’ve said ‘This movement will come about outside the traditional means/revolution, brother!’ ever been right?

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