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Compared to the buffet of neo-liberal homogeneity that we chewed through in 2015, the possibility of voting for a politician that offers change seems oddly exotic.

Jeremy Corbyn has somehow been in politics for decades with his integrity perfectly preserved, like his much derided beard has functioned as hairy formaldehyde for his principles.

Theresa May has chosen to make this election about ‘personality’ rather than principles, which seems increasingly unwise.

The delirious sycophant that had her ear when they were plotting this smash ‘n’ grab clearly saw Theresa as some kind of female Freddie Mercury set to dazzle voters from the podium rather than a vindictive librarian drawn by Quentin Blake.


Jeremy Corbyn Won’t Be Perfect, But He Has The Qualities I Want In A Strong And Stable Leader (Russell Brand, Huffington Post)



For Broadsheet readers who have secured tickets for the screening of Russell Brand and Michael Winterbottom’s documentary The Emperor’s New Clothes at The Screen cinema, D’Olier Street, Dublin….

The screening, hosted by Element Pictures – will be preceded by a leetle drinky  (thanks to Blue Moon Brewing Company, purveyors of American craft beer) and will be followed by a LIVE broadcast Q+A session with Russell Brand.

The drinks reception will be at 6.15pm with the movie starting at 7pm.

Please remove hats.

The seat in front is not a foot rest.


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On Wednesday evening social media was buzzing with rumours that the comedian Russell Brand had visited a loyalist protest camp in North Belfast.

It has been confirmed to BBC News NI that the visit did take place but no one on Russell Brand’s team wished to comment.

The visit was organised by Nobel Prize winner Mairead Corrigan Maguire.

Loyalists have been protesting out at Twaddell Avenue since July following a decision to restrict an orange parade.

Meanwhile, new subtitled footage (above) has emerged from his recent Newsnight interview with Jeremy Paxman.

Russell Brand visits loyalist protest camp at Twaddell Avenue, Belfast (BBC News NI)



Obviously there has been some criticism of my outburst, I’ve not been universally applauded as a cross between Jack Sparrow and Spartacus (which is what I’m going for) but they’ve been oddly personal and I think irrelevant to the argument. I try not to read about myself as the mean stuff is hurtful and the good stuff hard to believe, but my mates always give me the gist of what’s going on, the bastards. Some people say I’m a hypocrite because I’ve got money now. When I was poor and I complained about inequality people said I was bitter, now I’m rich and I complain about inequality they say I’m a hypocrite. I’m beginning to think they just don’t want inequality on the agenda because it is a real problem that needs to be addressed.”

“It’s easy to attack me, I’m a right twerp, I’m a junkie and a cheeky monkey, I accept it, but that doesn’t detract from the incontrovertible fact that we are living in a time of huge economic disparity and confronting ecological disaster. This disparity has always been, in cultures since expired, a warning sign of end of days. In Rome, Egypt and Easter Island the incubated ruling elites, who had forgotten that we are one interconnected people, destroyed their societies by not sharing. That is what’s happening now, regardless of what you think of my hair or me using long words, the facts are the facts and the problem is the problem. Don’t be distracted.

I think these columnist fellas who give me aggro for not devising a solution or for using long words are just being territorial. When they say “long words” they mean “their words” like I’m a monkey who got in their Mum’s dressing up box or a hooligan in policeman’s helmet.”

“As I said to Paxman at the time “I can’t conjure up a global Utopia right now in this hotel room”. Obviously that’s not my job and it doesn’t need to be, we have brilliant thinkers and organisations and no one needs to cook up an egalitarian Shangri-La on their todd; we can all do it together.”

“If we all collude and collaborate together we can design a new system that makes the current one obsolete. The reality is there are alternatives. That is the terrifying truth that the media, government and big business work so hard to conceal. Even the outlet that printed this will tomorrow print a couple of columns saying what a naïve wanker I am, or try to find ways that I’ve fucked up. Well I am naïve and I have fucked up but I tell you something else. I believe in change. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty because my hands are dirty already. I don’t mind giving my life to this because I’m only alive because of the compassion and love of others. Men and women strong enough to defy this system and live according to higher laws. This is a journey we can all go on together, all of us. We can include everyone and fear no one. A system that serves the planet and the people. I’d vote for that.”

Russell Brand: we deserve more from our democratic system (Russell Brand, The Guardian)

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