A JobBridge advert for a clinical psychologist in Waterford

Further to yesterday’s post about  the HSE advertising for a Waterford-based clinical psychologist on JobBridge…

Sorcha Pollak, in the Irish Times, reports:

The HSE has defended its decision to post a job opening for a clinical psychologist in Waterford on the JobBridge website, saying the position would ‘provide a stepping stone’ for jobseekers…

‘The aim of the National Internship Scheme is to assist in breaking the cycle where jobseekers are unable to get a job without experience, either as new entrants to the labour market after education or training or as unemployed workers wishing to learn new skills,’ said the statement from the HSE.

There you go now.

HSE defends JobBridge post seeking psychologist (Irish Times)

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17 thoughts on “Psy Ops

  1. Vote Rep #1

    Is there not a hiring freeze in the HSE? I would imagine that it is actually a stepping stone as once the freeze is lifted, that person would probably get the job permanent.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Loosening up as far as I can tell. Of course they can’t too much or the same people complaining about high taxes would be complaining about excessive hiring in the HSE.

  2. Stephanenny

    Except the experience line is bullpoo because work placement is part of the training to become a clinical psychologist. They are already experienced. It’s the same for all clinicians.

  3. Buzz

    It’s high time JobBridge was scrapped – exploitation pure and simple. Everybody is entitled to a wage, even those inexperienced in what they do. JobBridge is an insidious joke.

    1. Stephanenny

      Private sector internships offer experience to those who have none – qualified clinical psychologists have loads of experience. Do private companies make people with MBAs do internships?

  4. D

    This is invaluable experience for someone who is looking to get accepted onto a doctorate in clinical psychology programme. In fact doing placement like this is literally the only way of getting accepted on to such a programme. The bigger issue is the lack of funding for mental health services that requires such an inappropriate pathway IMO.

    1. Stephanenny

      That only holds up if this post advertising for a clinical psychologist is not actually looking for a clinical psychologist.

  5. Kolmo

    You’ll never be unemployed if you work for free!
    You’ll starve, get hypothermia sleeping in a park and your kids will become feral, but you’ll not be unemployed.

  6. munkifisht

    Say every time Slaverybridge is mentioned. I am a highly qualified Engineer and have an masters for which I was awarded the top of my class. I also had 4 years industry experience. I tried to get a job for three years and eventually had to leave Ireland because of SlaveryBridge. I had a pretty menial role that was paying the bills, but the advice I was given more than once from recruiters and HR peeps was if I wanted to get into the industry, I’d need to quit my job, sign on for 6 months and come back under SlaveryBridge. It’s a fupping joke.

    1. Lilly

      + 1 Resist resist resist. Never demean yourself, your intelligence and skills by working for nothing. You’re worth more than that.

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