Above The Congregation


st pats

St Patrick’s Cathedral writes:

I thought that you might be interested in posting this amazing footage taken from a drone of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral…made by SkyPixels [using a Dji Phantom 3]

Union Jack festooned?


13 thoughts on “Above The Congregation

    1. The Old Boy

      None of them are simple Union Jacks, but rather they are either regimental standards of various Irish regiments of the British Army or the personal standards of Knights of St Patrick. The official line is that they remain to commemorate the dead of the various Irish regiments.

      1. The Old Boy

        Well, the Church of Ireland was unashamedly Unionist and the great majority of its members would have considered themselves British, and most of its Northern Irish membership still would. The traditional prayers for the King were only replaced (and in the Republic only) in the late 1940s with more general forms for “our rulers” and “those in authority”.

  1. mauriac

    it would be a nice gesture to give back one of the two underused cathedrals to the Catholics ..

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