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In fairness.

Save Poolbeg.


A project by artist Reuben Wu in which drones and light painting are used to bring a hypnotic visual rhythm to rugged landscapes.

The project uses a stick of 200 LED lights programmed to shift colour and shape – the artist capturing the results in-camera and through a combination of stills, timelapse, and real-time footage.

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This morning.

Just Eat has confirmed that drone delivery will now be available to customers in Oranmore, County Galway.

Nicole Fenner writes:

Powered by Manna, the world’s first aviation-grade B2B drone delivery ‘as-a-service’ platform, and served-up in partnership with Camile Thai, the drone takeaway delivery service is set to go live for the first time ever on the Just Eat app from today

Dropped straight to the designated delivery point in under 3-minutes, 2kg weight limit applies. Customers will select their dishes on the dedicated Camile Thai drone delivery menu page on the Just Eat app, which will be available from 4pm– 8pm, Thursday – Sunday.


Just Eat drone menu here

Blood, sweat and big warning signs.

Our finest hour.

Eire Signs Of WW2: The Map


Ah here.

James M Chimney writes:

The great and good of Dalkey could always update the sign to reflect peoples worries about tourists…



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