The Funny Farm



Scenes of Summer 2015 on Irish farms.

Aising Hussey, of the irish Farmers Journal, writes:

We received hundreds of entries for our #FromwhereIfarm photo competition [to celebrate the launch of our app]. You can vote for the finalists at link below. The shortlist is impressive if we say so ourselves..

Fetch my rifle.

From Where I Farm (Irish Farmers Journal)

Pics from top: Sally Siggins; Alo Mahon; Sorcha Faulkener; Brian Joyce


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7 thoughts on “The Funny Farm

  1. Earthworm Jim

    There are few jobs as unglamorous as on an Irish Farm in the wet Irish winter but, on those rare warm and sunny days, you wont find a more satisfying place to work

  2. schweddy

    It wouldn’t allow me to vote without subscribing to the Farmer’s Journal Newsletter.. Emm no thanks.

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