29 thoughts on “Burn After Reading

  1. Funk

    He’s actually a clairvoyant so you don’t even tell him what to put on the CD, he just knows. And you’ll like it

  2. Starina

    15 songs is cheaper than half an hour of music. that means each song needs to be less than 2 minutes long.

    darn adhd punk tykes

    1. pedeyw

      The first Ramones album is 14 in 28 mins, so that just about works. Chuck You Suffer by Napalm Death at the end and you’re sorted.

  3. noncanonicalpokemon

    my computer no longer has a cd burner and my car only plays cds, so i suppose there might be something to it.

  4. Zarathustra

    I was looking at houses on the internet recently and I noticed one on [either] Done Deal/ Daft which had a sale price of one euro; why is this?

    1. meadowlark

      After some hard hitting investigative work I can exclusively reveal that there is in fact a catch. You would have to house share with… Jedward.

    1. Arcol

      There’s a fake cassette you can get with a lead that comes out of it to plug into a phone (or whatever). Works really well.

  5. Spammer

    This is a man ahead of the curve. Will we see him on Entrepreneur of the Year later in the year?

  6. robert

    as a minor could he get done? could his folks be done if they didn’t know anything about it?

  7. St. John Smythe

    is the CD full at half an hour, one hour, or an hour and a half of music? he’s making it up as he goes along!

    1. Seriously

      I always thought 650MB CDRs maxed out at 74 minutes with 700MB CDRs maxing out at 80 minutes.

      Also, surely you can get most retail CDs these days for less than €15… Guy needs some lessons in setting a Price Point…

  8. Rob_G

    Your business model is about 15 years out of date, Derek. Also, if you are advertising an illegal service, you may want to try and conceal your identity a bit better.

  9. Zenon

    Someone ring him and ask for the 9 for €7.50 set, start with Philip Glass – Koyaanisquatsi parts one and two, add a few and laugh at him trying to fit few hours of music on one CD.

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